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Hello! It's a me, KirbysCrazyAppetite, the maker of the Super Smash Bros. for the PC project! I don't really use a Smasher name, but I sometimes use "Trash 4".

I glitched Smash Wii U so badly that Danger Zones kill at 99%...

...Does anybody notice how Kirby's 64 stock icon looks almost exactly like the beans from the Game Gear version of Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine?

Team Galactic Battle is an amazing song. I love it! I own top comment on this video. 100+ likes. I feel good

This userpage seriously needs some improvement.


SSBU Minecart stage.png This user is OK with being around KirbysCrazyAppetite.

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Alucard Portrait - Dawn of Sorrow.gif This user was once affiliated with that kid BaconMastre.
CaptainFalconIcon(SSB4-U).png This user likes Poultry
SerpKing sig.png This user knows and kind of likes that one Serpent King guy. He kind of smells of old broccoli though...
RobSir zx -user-image.jpg This user has plugged RobSir_zx's Userbox here to show they are familiar with him!
DRexUserboxImage.jpg This user shares a spiritual roar with DracoRexKing.
BSTIK Userbox.jpg This user for some reason... likes that annoying spammy brit BSTIK.
PokemonMayNotAmused.png This user considers Disaster Flare to be their frienbesto, accepting the fact that he's a total tool.

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SpecialStagesSymbol.svg This user still doesn't understand what the freak this symbol represents.

(Seriously, I used to think the game was broken when I saw this)

Rumble Falls1.jpg This user can keep up with scrolling stages.
BananaPeelWiiU.png This user hates tripping randomly.
SSB4 - Great Fox.jpg This user really thinks more stages should be available in 8-Player Smash.
SpecialFlagHead-3.png This user uses Special Flags as bait.

(what if the special flag was a character?)

Freezie.jpg This user likes freezing opponents.
Bacura Smash Run.png This user prefers Smash Run over Smash Tour.

Mains in Smash 4:

In With Friends and Local mode:

There's more custom characters to be added!

View something cool you can do with Screen KOs here: [1]

Kirbies are best

This user doesn't understand most of the people on this wiki.