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Notice.png NOTE: I've taken an indefinite hiatus from editing this wiki. I don't know when I'll get back to it, but you can still find me in the Discord server.
Everyone you meet is food. Eat all the food put in front of you. And brush your teeth properly.
—Bio Rex

Ultimate mains Banjo & Kazooie, Ridley
Other Ultimate
Wolf, Mario, Luigi
SSB4 mains Luigi, Mario
Other SSB4
Sheik, Mewtwo, Marth
Melee mains Marth, Captain Falcon
Other Melee
Jigglypuff, Ganondorf
SSB64 main Kirby
Other SSB64
Pikachu, Captain Falcon
Project M mains Marth, Roy
Other Project M
Kirby, Charizard, Captain Falcon
Skill Super Smash Bros. Haven't played in forever
Super Smash Bros. Melee Can wavedash and L-cancel
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Don't play competitively
Super Smash Bros. 4 lol
PM Icon.png Prefer it over Melee
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro-am
Additional info
Birth date (age 20)
NNID DracoRexKing
3DS Code 4613 9400 0011
Location Faraway place Chile

Welcome to DracoRexKing's territory! Get to know more about this peculiar dinosaur... correction, wiki contributor.


About me

  • While my wiki name is DracoRexKing, I usually just go by DracoRex nowadays, or Draco RAWR.
    • it's pronounced Drahco not Drayco kthx
  • I love dinosaurs, as if that wasn't obvious already. I perfectly respect people who don't like them, though. I'm probably the only scaly trash dinosaur fan in this wiki whatsoever...
  • I mostly make edits to pages regarding character movesets in detail and gameplay mechanics. I've also made huge edits to a few other pages that don't get much attention, such as this one. I can easily help others with work if they want, and conveniently, I haz fast typing speed.
  • My signature and userpage icon is Groudon, my favorite Pokémon of all time. I even have a large scale figure of it in my room. It was formerly Nidoking, but Groudon's more dinosaur-like appearance and larger representation made me like it more.
  • I tend to be a quiet person, talking only when I think it's necessary or when I find something I'm interested in. I will always respond to any personal message, though. You can also find me easily on the SmashWiki Discord, where I'm a chat operator and usually hang out every day.
  • In videogames, I appreciate variety over anything else. In the case of Smash, I appreciate having both many playable characters and possible matchups, and techniques that add depth to the game.
  • When it comes to competitive play in videogames, I'm the kind of person that has fun by testing how good I am against other players, and always prefer skill-based mechanics over luck-based ones. I don't really enjoy games where you're going to unexpectedly and randomly lose no matter how much time you spend improving. (Unless that's the point of the game, of course, like with Mario Party)
  • My favorite videogame genre is platforming. My least favorite is first-person shooters.

Smash opinions (Oh no, opinions in a wiki!)

  • SSB is okay, just way too primitive. There are next to no defensive options (the ones that exist are pretty bad), and the game essentially gives every character the touch of death. At least it has true hitstun, unlike Brawl, but it goes to show too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
  • Melee is definitely the most polished Smash game at high level play (even if unintentionally), and fun to watch most of the time, but casually I don't think it's that good (especially in my case where the the people I play casual Smash with are really bad), and after being used so much to the recent games I have trouble getting into it lol.
  • Brawl sucks. The only reason to play it over any other Smash game nowadays is The Subspace Emissary and Boss Battles. Its mechanics are just plain stupid, especially hitstun canceling, and I find it really boring to watch even at high level play.
  • PM is dead PM is okay I guess. I largely stopped following it after Smash 4 came out, and I really don't like what it did to some characters (like Lucario and Wolf), but it gets points for its special game modes (Stamina Mode is definitely much better than in any of the official Smash games) and basically making Melee more enjoyable for me to play (auto L-canceling is a blessing).
    • I don't really care about other Brawl mods.
  • Smash 4 was my preferred game in the series back in the day, despite having its fair share of dumb stuff, but now... yeah, it has outlived its welcome. There's not really much of a reason to go back to it now that Ultimate is out.
  • Ultimate is a vast improvement over Smash 4. While a few changes are dumb, like the short hop buffer, most of the others are very welcome, like the dodge nerfs and faster mobility across the board. The game effectively achieves more offensive play, and it's been a blast for me to play both casually and competitively.
  • My favorite characters in Smash are Ridley, and Wolf, hence why I main them in Ultimate. For the former, I don't really have much history with Metroid (never finished any of the games), but when he got into the game, his appearance and moveset really caught my attention as the dinosaur sucker I am. As for Wolf, he's just too badass, he was the cut veteran I was the most hype about having returned, and his moveset happened to click on well with me (no, I don't play him because he's top tier; in fact, when the game came out and I first picked him up, I even saw people claiming he was mid or mid-low tier). I'm also 100% going to main Banjo & Kazooie when they come out; details are in the trivia section. (It's still unbelievable they actually made it in.)
    • Before the game came out, I was also intending to main Pokémon Trainer mainly to use Charizard, as the latter is another of my favorite characters outside of Smash, and the seemingly notable buffs he received alongside the removal of the stupid stamina mechanic set up a good precedent. Sadly, he turned out to be one of the worst characters in the game on his own, and vastly inferior to the Trainer's other two Pokémon. But oh well, I'm fine with my two (soon three) mains still.
  • There aren't any characters in the series I strictly dislike, though if I had to talk about the one that interests me the least, it's Villager. Animal Crossing never appealed to me, and I find Villager both boring to play as and annoying to play against. Isabelle is on a similar boat, but at least her moveset is a tad bit more interesting.
  • While Smash is more catered towards casual play compared to other fighting games, I believe its competitive scene and making sure it's satisfied with what the games bring to the table is also very important; they're the only playerbase that cares enough to play them for more than two months.
  • To balance out characters, I follow the mentality of "buff more than nerf" and firmly believe this is the most interesting way of achieving the goal. Nerfing everyone above the low/mid tier would be dumb; why make them bootleg versions of their former selves? A game like that wouldn't be fun.
  • Techniques in Smash that I think...
    • ...are beneficial and would make future installments more interesting if they returned: dash-dancing, wavedashing.
    • ...do more harm than good (or are flatout unnecessary) and shouldn't return in future installments: L-canceling, meteor canceling.
    • To the rest that aren't here, I'm indifferent.


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This is my own userbox, for anyone who wants to use it:

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  • I learned to read at the age of 4 thanks to interactive PC games.
  • The first videogame I ever played was Banjo-Kazooie, at around that age. I spent so much time playing both it and Banjo-Tooie that they hold a lot of sentimental value to me, and find them some of my favorite games of all time.
    • Banjo and Kazooie are actually my number one pick for a Smash newcomer; they have so many moves and other content that could faithfully represent their series. Although this is more "I can live with it not happening, but would be really glad if it happened". I'm fine with the amount of characters Smash currently has.
      • Holy moly, they actually made it in! As you could have imagined, they hyped me the most out of any character reveal, and I'm definitely going to main them. I never need to ask Sakurai for anything ever again now.
  • I play all Smash games so far with Gamecube controllers (Smash 3DS being the obvious exception). In the case of SSB, I play it on Project 64 with a software enabling me to use the Wii U Gamecube Adapter on my PC.
  • My original game tag when I started playing the Smash games competitively was "Yesz!", as an anonymous joke name alluding to the amazing Captain I second in Melee. This was also the name I used for other games that require such, like the Zelda and Pokémon games. I then changed it to "DREX" or "DracoRex", though in Smash 4 and Ultimate it's "^RAWR^".
The cutest rawr ever.
  • My favorite videogame franchise aside from Smash is Pokémon. I often play on the online simulator Pokémon Showdown, and I have several favorites from said franchise (most of which unsurprisingly have dinosaurian traits), namely Charizard, Gengar, Aerodactyl, Tyranitar, Aggron, Druddigon (so underrated), Bisharp, Black Kyurem and Kommo-o.
    • My favorite first-stage Pokémon is the adorable T-Rex at the right, Tyrunt.
  • Spanish is my mother language. I started learning English when I was 5 by translating words from my videogames with the help of books or online translators, to the point I knew to write and speak English in full lines when I was 9. What further taught me subsequently was visiting internet websites in English like this wiki, and figuring out how things were worded. As of now, I still thank videogames for this.
    • Something that also aided me a lot in this was a Pokémon Handbook I had in Spanish with all the locations, types and attacks existing in Gen I, which I used to compare the names with the English ones in Pokémon Stadium, thus enabling me to translate words very quickly (e.g. "tipo Fantasma" to "Ghost type", and "Lanzallamas" to "Flamethrower").
  • My favorite color is red. Which makes Groudon even more appealing.
  • My favorite topics to talk about are dinosaurs (duh), game design, animals, and most math-related stuff. I don't bother with politics or football (the "soccer type") at all though.
  • Among a few people, I'm known for enthusiastically watching obscure anthropomorphic dinosaur shows from before the 2000s, with Extreme Dinosaurs being a prime example. There's also a high chance I'll like any character with a semblance of real dinosaurs in any franchise ever.