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Roy Screen-7.jpg This user has Rollback, which means he has some control of t3h ph1re!
Ultimate main King Dedede
Other Ultimate
Snake, Lucina
SSB4 main Ganondorf
Other SSB4
Marth, Lucina
Brawl main Snake
SSB64 mains Ness, Captain Falcon
Skill Super Smash Bros. Below average
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Average at best
Super Smash Bros. 4 Above average in For Glory
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Average I think?
Additional info
Real name John
Location United States United States

Hello, my name is John. I knew about Smash long ago with Melee, and got exposed to the series again with Brawl in 2009, but it was only until the spring of 2014 when my friends really got me into it. Credit goes to Snake for getting me to play. If it weren't for his presence in Brawl, I wouldn't have gotten into the game. Naturally, Snake getting cut from SSB4 disappointed me, but luckily, I warmed up to some of the other characters, and have since enjoyed playing games such as EarthBound. Snake's return in Ultimate has me really excited for that game.

Prior to Ultimate, I was probably the only person to use the Wii Remote + Nunchuck when playing Smash. I have now switched the the Switch Pro Controller. I am also one of the only people who would enjoy seeing Optimus Prime added to Smash. Yes, the chance of him being in Smash is pretty much impossible (you thought Ridley was too big). Nevertheless, I thought of Optimus's whole moveset, as well as movesets for several other characters. You can view my character ideas here.

Besides Smash, I play Victoria II and Hearts of Iron IV.

Notes: I am only accepting friend requests from people I know in real life. Don't take it personally, it's the way I am online.

My opinions on the Smash games

Smash 64

Smash 64 is ironically the last game in the series that I got to play. It's a decent game but the controls are very clunky, especially if you're like me and dislike forced tap jump.


I haven't played Melee in years, but I personally think the game is getting kind of stale because of the lack of character variety in tournaments and because of the dominance of only a few players. You know what to expect in every tournament these days. If you like the game though, that's fine. I just don't really get the elitism toward one Smash game or the other.


I wish Brawl was a bit faster, had better character balance, and didn't have tripping. I think the game would be more well-received if it was played with 2-stock matches with Meta Knight and/or Ice Climbers banned. If SSB4 can be played 2 stock, then so can Brawl. Most people have moved on, although I still occasionally have fun with Brawl.

As far as Brawl mods go, I enjoy playing non-competitive Project M. What I really like about modding Brawl is that you can really do whatever you want. For example, by replacing music files, I have put in many EarthBound/Mother songs and many Ace Combat songs, among other things. My personal favorite is Agnus Dei from Ace Combat 4, which I put on Final Destination. I am currently working on creating a Project M build that suits the tastes of me and my friends - or was anyway, before the technical stuff got me stuck.

Smash 4

Smash 4 is a good game. It's not as difficult on the hands as Melee, but is still challenging. Some great things about Smash 4 include the large roster, the general character balance, and omega stages (still wish there was "no hazards" mode, but what we have is good).

There are some problems though:

  • Fox's and Ness's new voices are terrible.
  • The new characters outside of Shulk, Pac-Man, and Cloud just don't really grab me and I wouldn't really miss them if they were cut.
  • Snake and Wolf were cut...
  • The Kid Icarus and Star Fox Smash Taunts are very annoying.
  • I love me some Pac-Man, but I am disappointed by his moveset. It should have been based off of the Pac-Man World series.
  • Smash Tour was a waste of development time. Also, I dislike Wii U Classic Mode. It is really random and boring to me. It's a shame all of the trophies couldn't be in the Wii U game...
  • Where are Big Blue and Fourside? (New Pork City would have been good for 8 Player Smash, in any case)
  • The new custom stage builder is great, but they should have kept the ability to just put down some basic blocks as well as the new stuff for times when you don't want to mess around with tracing or making the ledges grabable. Overall, I feel the stage builder was sort of a "one step forward, one step back" kind of situation. Another good way to put it is that it has everything good Brawl's stage builder lacked, but lacks everything good Brawl's stage builder has.
  • Everything related to Bayonetta being in the game...


Ultimate looks really good so far, and I'm happy with most of the changes, though I'm sure I'll find some nitpicky complaints about it down the line.

Character wishlist

Part of the reason the game looks so great is because most of the characters I wanted in the game have been added.