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Ultimate mains Ness, Lucina
SSB4 main Ness
Other SSB4
Lucina, Mewtwo, Lucas
Brawl main Lucas
Other Brawl
Melee main Jigglypuff
Other Melee
SSB64 main Ness
Skill Super Smash Bros. Trash (Retired)
Super Smash Bros. Melee Trash (Retired)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Trash (Retired)
Super Smash Bros. 4 Amateur-Trash (Mostly Retired)
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate I don't have the game so
Additional info
Birth date (age 16)
Location USA USA

Hello, welcome to my user page.
I go by many names, but in this case you can refer to me as Sugar Cookie. The 420 part was added on for absolutely no reason.
I'm relatively knowledgeable about Smash, but I know more about Pokémon and Mother/EarthBound; nevertheless, I'm here to help.

Main Goal[edit]

I mainly edit Smasher and Tournament pages, although I edit pretty much anything on this wiki.

Pages to Work On

Battle Arena - Draft that people can help with


The Many Faces of Ness
64 Melee Brawl 3DS Wii U Ultimate
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Amiibos I Own[edit]

It's the only Amiibo I have, and I have no plans on making a collection.


  • My life is not interesting
  • First Smash game that I played was Super Smash Bros. Brawl. First one I owned was Smash for 3DS.
    • I had a 50 losing streak on For Glory when I first got the game. I've done massively better since then.
  • I've been to Nintendo World multiple times, mainly just to play games that I cannot own.
    • Despite this, I have never bought a game there, the last time I was there I ended up buying a game at a local GameStop.
    • I did buy a Litten and my Ness amiibo there, so...
  • While I do like watching many shows, I really like watching cartoons/animations, mostly because of nostalgia. Ironically, I don't have a massive interest in anime, although Pokémon's an exception since I grew up with it.
    • I also don't really believe in "waifus". However, I'm (embarrassingly) not immune to anything cute, which pretty much counters that claim, in a way.
  • Favorites:
    • Favorite movie is Back to the Future.
    • Favorite game is Pokémon Emerald, Earthbound being second
    • Favorite video game characters, see Claimed Characters #1 and #4
    • Favorite Pokémon, again see Claimed Characters #2
    • Current favorite song, although I really don't have a preference


NessIcon(SSB).png This user enjoys Sugar. And Cookies. And PK Fire spams.

Pages of Interest[edit]

Just some personal preferences and statistics. Now in a Navbox.