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Archive Box Help[edit]

Can someone help me add the Archive Box and the links to and from my Talk Archive? I do not seem to understand how to add it correctly. Wolff (talk) 18:02, July 2, 2019 (EDT)

Thank you Trainer Alex! Wolff (talk) 18:11, July 2, 2019 (EDT)
No problem. BTW you don't need to put the archive box on archives as well. Alex the Jigglypuff trainer 18:12, July 2, 2019 (EDT)
Really? Ok then. Wolff (talk) 18:12, July 2, 2019 (EDT)


I may not understand, but what Sockpuppet? I do not recall editing on the Wiki outside of my account. Would it be possible for someone point out which IP the Sockpuppet was under as well as what it did? Wolff (talk) 15:49, July 8, 2019 (EDT)

If not, I'm fine waiting until the block is over to for someone to help explain so that I may get a better grasp of the situation. Wolff (talk) 16:01, July 8, 2019 (EDT) (talk · contribs · logs · block user · block log · WHOIS) and (talk · contribs · logs · block user · block log · WHOIS) were marked as your socks. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 17:06, July 8, 2019 (EDT)
I do remember participating in the proposal about the Mii Costumes and Taunts, but I do not recall the talk page on Navi's page. I'm also not familiar with the edits other the IP had done. The only edits that I can recall were of my most recent ones, which were about the trophies as well as a discussion over on Ridley's talk page. Is it possible the accusation was a mistake? Even so, I'm fine waiting until after the block is over as there are stuff I'm busy with this weekend, so it actually would help prevent the Wiki from being a possible distraction for me this weekend, but that's a me problem. Thank you Cookies and Creme for helping me understand what happened. Hopefully this Block was just a misunderstanding. Wolff (talk) 17:27, July 8, 2019 (EDT)
We are quite certain there is no mistake on our part. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Dispenser 18:01, July 8, 2019 (EDT)
Ok then. As I said before, I'm busy this weekend, so I'm not upset due to the circumstance, just confused. It would it be nice to have an explanation, if you're willing to give it, as to what gave you the impression that those IPs were me. Wolff (talk) 20:29, July 8, 2019 (EDT)
You mean, aside from it being obvious even without the technical evidence? Nah I don't think that's necessary. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Interspacial 21:46, July 8, 2019 (EDT)
What do mean by "obvious" and "technical" evidence? If that is something granted to admins, I don't think I understand what you mean by that. Wolff (talk) 22:00, July 8, 2019 (EDT)

There was a 2 quadrant IP match, in addition to speaking with a lot of the same mannerisms as you do. SerpentKing 22:13, July 8, 2019 (EDT)

Really? That seems weird. I don't know how all that works, but I did not know Admins were able to scan for something like that. It sounds rather useful. Wolff (talk) 22:22, July 8, 2019 (EDT)

I am not asking for a reduction of my Block, or an apology, of which would just annoy the Admins, I just want to say I believe there was a mistake. I understand that reading text can sometimes seem similar, or the same, without audio to go along with to better understand it. I do not know what was used that stated that those IPs were apparently me, but after doing some research of my own, I was not able to find anything that would've insinuated that those IPs were me. I am not looking for, or even want, a response, I just didn't want to wait a month to try to resolve this. I honestly do not know why those IPs were directed at me. But if it makes the Admins feel better to Block me, over what I believe to be an honest mistake, then so be it. They are the Admins, and I can't do anything about that as they apparently have their reasons for it. Wolff (talk) 12:48, July 10, 2019 (EDT)

Your little stunt here just earned you a year's block. SerpentKing 10:35, July 30, 2019 (EDT)

After the showcase for Hero, I come on here to find that I been banned for something I did not do, again? Why? If you had a problem with me, couldn't you have just told me so I could correct it instead of accusing me of things I did not do? Wolff (talk) 10:51, July 30, 2019 (EDT)
I have a problem with people who lie to me. The IP address is a 100% match to the one you just used to make this comment. It was you. SerpentKing 12:43, July 30, 2019 (EDT)
I want to continue to help edit this Wiki, of which I’ve been enjoying so far, but if you want me to leave for a year, then so be it. The main reason why I even made an account to edit was because the IP address I had before I moved already had edits on it, probably because my network isn’t a private one. It still isn’t. Do you usually ban users for using the same IP address regardless if they just happen to share an IP address without confronting them beforehand? (I was under the impression they needed confronted to explain before getting banned) It can’t be the first time more than one person was found using the same IP address. Looking at this IP you said was me, I can see it has been editing this Wiki since March. It is not me, but you’re not going to believe me, no matter what I say. (Please reply) Wolff (talk) 13:41, July 30, 2019 (EDT)
My proof is incontestable: while it is true that IP addresses change, it is impossible for any 2 people to have the same IP address at the same time. The only possible way that it wasn't you is if someone else was making edits to smashwiki from your device, and I don't buy that. Lie to me again and we are going to have problems. SerpentKing 13:58, July 30, 2019 (EDT)
I would like to deeply apologize for what happened. It would seem that it was my brother who was editing the Wiki without my knowledge. I only found out today that he was doing it from a different device under the same network (which gave the same IP). I truly did not know this, and wish I had before adding my last paragraph on here. Given this new light, I accept the ban extension as punishment for not being able to keep my brother’s actions in check and potentially harming the Wiki and its rules, and will now take my leave from editing the SmashWiki. Wolff (talk) 19:25, July 31, 2019 (EDT)

Also, would it be possible to delete everything from my character concepts that does not have any information on it (Keeping only Sora and Cooking Mama), seeing as I won’t be able to do it myself? Thank you, and goodbye. Wolff (talk) 19:25, July 31, 2019 (EDT)

"It would seem that it was my brother who was editing the Wiki without my knowledge." Hasn't this "excuse" been used so many times on this wiki that it literally became like the boy who cried "Wolff" Supa Toad 64 001Toad.jpg 06:36, August 2, 2019 (EDT)