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—Toad (It's not a meme, it's my war cry)
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Ultimate Toad
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My WikiBound profile picture
Shiny Litten small.jpg

•No problem here.
Ultimate mains Ness, Lucas
Other Ultimate
Mario, Steve, Sora
SSB4 main Lucas
Other SSB4
Ness, Mario, Villager
Brawl main Lucas
Other Brawl
Melee main Ness
Other Melee
Luigi, Dr. Mario, Pikachu
SSB64 main Ness
Project M main Toad
Other Project M
Lucas, Ness
Project+ main Toad
Other Project+
Lucas, Ness
Skill Super Smash Bros. Mid-high level, I think
Super Smash Bros. Melee Can play well at mid level, can't wavedash though
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Forever retired
Super Smash Bros. 4 Casual
PM Icon.png Requires playing with input assist and auto L-cancel enabled
P+ Icon.png Somewhat OK, but still require input assist and auto L-cancel
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Upper-mid level
Additional info
Location EaglelandUSA

Heyyyyy paisanos, it's Ultimate Toad. I'm a dedicated Toad main in Project M, and I also play the other games. Welcome to, uhh... something.

I'm somewhat of a Mario Kart 64 speedrunner, though not professionally. I was also a Mario Kart 7 online player with good results. My playstyle consists of using unusual, sometimes trollish strategies to steal the lead and catch players off guard, or if I'm already leading try to get as far ahead to keep my lead. Blue shells are my best friend, I sometimes troll players with it.

I have occasionally enduced people to ragequit in Mario Kart 7, I don't aim to screw up a particular player, I aim to screw EVERYONE up.

I'm also an avid Mother fan as well, I've been playing since Mother 1 and have discovered a few secrets that not many people know in said game. Mother 2 is my #1 favorite video game ever. I'm also an amature Pokémon player, I'm a Torracat fan and love Litten's shiny colors. I love cats and Torracat is my favorite Pokémon. Also recently got into Kingdom Hearts, only played 1 and 2 but watched the whole series to completion. I love the combat system and gameplay plus the whole Disney setting, I know a reasonable bit about the lore but I don't have enough brain cells to try and fully comprehend it :p


On other NIWA sites

  • Bulbapedia
  • SmashWiki
  • Super Mario Wiki
  • WikiBound

The other place where I'm active is on WikiBound, where I am an administrator and check there on a daily basis. I'm not very active on the other two wikis though.

Smash Bros information

  • Smash 64 is fun, but as expected it suffers from its datedness (if that's a real word). Having real combos is good thanks to the absurd hitstun, but too much of a good thing is never a good thing, plus lack of air-dodges or DI throws a lot of stuff off. Overall it's jank, but (mostly) good jank.
  • Melee is one of my favorite Gamecube games, there are lots of cool techniques such as the famous wavedash adding depth to gameplay, though I don't like the mentality that this is how the game should be played, also I feel as if I need to master the techniques just to be "good". As expected for the second game, the game flawed by it being buggy and has a terribly unbalanced roster. Still, I like the stages (mostly banned ones) and it's fun to play casually against the flawed AI.
  • Brawl sucks. Subspace is one redeeming factor, though the mode is alright at best and mediocre at worst. Otherwise this game is sevearly crippled with its random tripping, hitstun cancelling, chaingrabbing being the only "real" combos in the game, even worse character balancing, and I especially dislike how Ness and Lucas pointlessly have extra 10 frames of grab release, making them vulnerable to the most braindead zero-to-death combo in existance.
  • Project M is great. Fixes every issue I have with Brawl and adds a lot of Melee-based mechanics to add more depth to the game, like the return of wavedashing. I especially love what it did to Lucas, not only is Offense Up something he could actually learn, but it makes him more distinct from Ness and better competitively. Yet despite this, there is one problem I have that also applies to other mods too: A lot of mods try to copy Melee instead of trying to be good in their own way. One example is instead of trying to improve some characters' strengths to make them better, they just reverted them back to their Melee version (Falco comes to mind for many people). I also could care less about some mechanics, such as the return of L-canceling or buffering removal.
  • SSB4 is dead I'll start with 3DS since I consider both as seperate games. It's the first portable Smash game so that's one plus. It as a lot of really fun stages (Rainbow Road is my favorite stage ever), and fixes most of the issues with Brawl, Smash run is hecka fun, yet beyond that most of the stuff is rather underwhelming, plus the graphics kinda suck.
  • Wii U, both the game and system, is the definitive version. Nice graphics, fun stages (but lacks Rainbow Road), an improved stage builder (my most popular custon stage was Tazmily Village) and photo editor is my art station. Despite this, like 3DS, it's missing single player content like a story or adventure mode, also Smash Tour is the most pointless thing ever.
    • On a side note I'm probably the only one in the "unverse" who considers both versions of SSB4 as seperate games.
  • Ultimate is easily the best game in the series. Having every fighter an almost every stage is amazing (but still missing Rainbow Road and Poke Floats), and the gameplay mechanics like directional air dodging really improved on a lot of things. Stage Builder is so good now, I even remade my Tazmily Village stage now better than ever.


I main Lucas and Ness, so as expected I'm a zoner. My strategies are usually to rack up damage and finish off. I have an aggresive playstyle which involves taking the KO at the first opportunity, I generally have a tendancy to target the ones with high damage, earning me the "predator" penalty in Melee.

Projectiles is where my strength lies, I take time to make sure when I PK Fire, it hits, and I don't spam it like every other Ness main. I also know when to use PK Flash to score a KO. Edgeguarding is where I often get creative and somewhat cheap. I can either go for a typical meteor smash, or use PK Freeze or Flash to stop the poor scrubs who weren't expecting it.

With that in mind I don't have the slightest clue how good I really am so here's my guess on my skill level: I can dominate all casuals as Ness in Melee in less than 2 minutes, and I'll get obliviated by any competitive Fox and Falco player in less than 2 seconds.

Other stuff

  • One of my favorite things about Project M is the ability to mod it without even hacking. Me and my kid brother have our fair share of adding characters in. For me I added Toad (duh), and he threw in Totodile (his favorite water type). Both userbox icons you can find below and use freely if you want. We also added a few stages with my personal favorites being Lumine Hall (replacing Smashville, rel required) and Rainbow Road (replacing Pictochat, also required a rel).
  • As you can probably see the EarthBoundians have taken over the Smash rosters for me. Ness is my favorite character and I believe Ness is very underrated in 64 and Melee and not the low tier they make him look.
  • Aside from adding Toad of course, the only thing in the series I would want majorly changed is to merge the Yoshi "universe" with the Mario universe. On it's own, Yoshi has the most boring music and boring stages, it bugs me that competitive players insist on playing only on Yoshi (and I guess AC) stages, because of this Yoshi is my least favorite universe. Merging it with the Mario universe would fix my issues with it.

Top 10 favorite video games

Since I have no where else to put it (and SSB is all about crossovers)

  1. Mother 2
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  3. Pokémon Platinum
  4. Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2
  5. Kingdom Hearts 2
  6. Mario Kart Double Dash
  7. Mario Kart 64
  8. Mother 1
  9. Diddy Kong Racing (N64)
  10. Kingdom Hearts 1



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My userbox

If anyone is interested

ST64UserboxIcon.png This user celebrates their racing victories with the Ultimαte Toαd.

Some random useless and likely outdated gaming accomplishments

  • I beat Classic in SSBM on Very Hard (needing 5 stocks) as Ness.
  • I beat Adventure in SSBM on Very Hard as Pikachu (Again needing 5 stocks)
  • I beat All-Star SSBM on Very Hard as Dr. Mario... with 3 stocks.

All with no continues though!

  • I 100%ed Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, and Galaxy 2.
  • My best record in Yoshi Valley is 00:28;33, putting me #45 on the leaderboard.
  • I played through EarthBound Beginnings without any game overs... at least 4 times!
  • I 100%ed the Battle Memory in Mother 3.
  • I 100%ed my Pokedex in Blue (Mew included)... until I accidentally deleted my save file thanks to an accident with 8F.
    • BUT now I restored all 151 in my Pokedex with 8F.
  • I unlocked all the fighters in Ultimate... BEFORE THE UPDATE!!!
  • After years of torture on the SNES courses I got 3 stars on all Super Circuit cups, granting me the secret title screen.