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Mann, wer hätte das gedacht dass es einmal so weit kommt, wegen 99 Luftballons...
—Nena (99 Luftballons)

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Hello all, I am Alex: long time editor, Jigglypuff main, weeb.

I test stuff a lot, so if you ever need anything tested, let me know (because testing stuff is my life).

My Discord tag is Alex the weeb#2999 and I am active on this server. I also technically have a twitter, but it's largely a spoof account.


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Resources and data[edit]

Various resources, tests and data I have collected


User:Trainer Alex/Who can walk/run over Lloyd Trap

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User:Trainer Alex/Pummel damage index rankings (SSB4)

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User:Trainer Alex/Omega stage blast zone height discrepancies

User:Trainer Alex/Relative stage blast zone heights SSB4

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