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What happens to those who are “blocked?” Is there a page explaining it? SonDanielSonDanielSignatureHead1.pngSonDanielSignatureHead2.png (talk page) 23:58, May 1, 2020 (EDT)

SW:BLOCK is the page you're looking for. Basically, the user can't make any edits (aside from their own talk page, which can be restricted) until the block is over. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 00:01, May 2, 2020 (EDT)
^Yeah that exactly. Just think of it as a ban. It can last for only a day or up to forever, usually infinite blocks are given to vandals and sockpuppets. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 00:16, May 2, 2020 (EDT)
Are permanent blockings rare, or are the admins and higher level users merciful? SonDanielSonDanielSignatureHead1.pngSonDanielSignatureHead2.png (talk page) 00:22, May 2, 2020 (EDT)
The only time a non vandal or malicious sockpuppet user recieves an infinite block is if they're constantly disregarding the policies despite countless warnings. These types of users have had a history of blocks before and yet have still continue to break the policies. So yes infinite for these types of users are rare, whereas vandals and sockpuppets receiving infinite are common. Only admins can block users. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 00:30, May 2, 2020 (EDT)

What's keeping you from becoming an administrator here?[edit]

You're already an administrator on Earthbound Wiki, so unless admins have different roles there, I'd say go for it. You definitely have better dispute handling skills than any admin I've interacted with on Wikipedia, especially by at least attempting to remain neutral in debates. 04:26, May 2, 2020 (8 EDT)

To be fair I am planning to go for it soon, I just need to make sure I have a decent amount of disputes handled since they look for that in admins. Though since you noted how I able to handle them well in the past, I probably have more disputes handled than I thought. I was planning to do one in a month. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 05:06, May 2, 2020 (EDT)
Speaking as someone who has 3 failed RfAs, some of the most important skills are definitely conflict resolution and dispute handling, as well as things like Wiki knowledge and being able to administrate often. I would just say to go for it when you're ready. Awesomelink234, the Super Cool Gamer (talk) 18:16, May 2, 2020 (EDT)

Uh, sorry to bother you, but I saw your RFA thingie and had two questions. One: is someone of my level really able to vote on one's RFA? Two: if the previous question is answered positive, how does one put down support, exactly? JustSomeCloudMain (talk) 19:58, June 3, 2020 (EDT)

1. Yes you are able to vote.
2. Go to the page and click "edit" on the support header and add your reasonings to why I should be promoted. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 20:13, June 3, 2020 (EDT)

You overlooked something on your userpage[edit]

I see you're trying to remove any mention of your dislike of "furries" on your userpage.

In that case, you forgot to remove the "Dispute having a hatred for furries" part in your "I'm an Animal Crossing fan" trivia section. SmashTurtlesSig1.pngSuperSmashTurtles of the Turtle TribeSmashTurtlesSig2.png 18:39, May 10, 2020 (EDT)

Thanks I just did that in case I may have (unintentionally) started this, probably wouldn't give a good rep for someone who has plans for a request for adminship. So yeah let's not go overboard on jokes like those. (Also I never realized Hinawa is an anagram of Haniwa so yeah RIP). The way I like to handle conflicts is to appease it before they even start, so I mentioned my interest in Animal Crossing and love for Oliver (who seriously deserves more appreciation). 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 18:51, May 10, 2020 (EDT)

Greek Power Rankings[edit]

Just wanted to let you know that the Greek Ultimate Winter PR 2020 should not be kept up as per the situation going on right now. The info posted by AkiraGr is legitimate. In the future, it'd be best to question the user about the situation rather than just straight up remove it. Pokebub (talk) 05:16, May 25, 2020 (EDT)

Sorry, the "this page will be protected from further abuse by random changes." part confused me. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 06:14, May 25, 2020 (EDT)

Character matchups[edit]

How come we don't make character matchup charts for Smash 4 and Ultimate? SonDanielSonDanielSignatureHead1.pngSonDanielSignatureHead2.png (talk page) 18:10, May 29, 2020 (EDT)

Not sure, I'm guessing none was made for SSB4. We don't actually make the matchup charts, plus we are actually considering on removing due to them being very outdated and inaccurate Ness is NOT bottom 5 in Melee!, and because it seems they're not going to be updated. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 18:14, May 29, 2020 (EDT)
If we are considering removing those charts, should there be a consensus to decide? (By the way, what did you mean when you said Ness is not bottom 5 in Melee?) SonDanielSonDanielSignatureHead1.pngSonDanielSignatureHead2.png (talk page) 18:20, May 29, 2020 (EDT)
The discussion about matchups can be found here. (The Ness being bottom 5 is a joke since Ness is considered the 4th worst character in SSBM but I strongly disagree with that and believe he is lower mid tier, probably lower D or upper E tier. But since I don't play SSBM competitively I can't say that as fact.) 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 18:28, May 29, 2020 (EDT)

Tips for a future RFR[edit]

Hi OmegaToad, I am planning to submit an RFR in about 7 months up to 1 year, I know you are a good rollbacker and I actually want any tips to become one, Thanks. S3AHAWK said ketchup wonKetchup.pngKetchupJoker.png 20:26, May 31, 2020 (EDT)

There's not much to it really. All that's needed is you need to provide 3 examples of you reverting vandalism from 3 different users. Your RFR will look something like this (note I'm using examples from different users to show the different kinds of vandalism you can encounter):

(Your name)




(your contributions) (your signiture)

So yeah it's that easy. I gained it before I was even an established user (and I am honored to say a JoJo reference got me rollback). 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 20:44, May 31, 2020 (EDT)
Ok, I'll watch recent changes from now on when I'm online.S3AHAWK said ketchup wonKetchup.pngKetchupJoker.png 20:50, May 31, 2020 (EDT)
Does removing content from talk pages count?S3AHAWK said ketchup wonKetchup.pngKetchupJoker.png 15:34, June 4, 2020 (EDT)
It depends. Some don't know that they're not supposed to remove content from talk pages. I'd say just to be safe use mainspace vandalism for your examples. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 18:46, June 4, 2020 (EDT)

Should I let you, or should I do this[edit]

Sorry for bugging you another time but I'll let you use my userbox. But I have one question, Can I add it myself or should I let you add it, If you add it here is the code:

{{Userbox|Black|#000000|logo-background=#000000|border-color=red|border-s=2|info-color=Red|[[File:S3AHAWK personal Userbox.jpg|50px]]|This random user reminds me of that [[User:S3AHAWK|S3AHAWK]] guy but he loves to use Joker and wants to be with a team in Turf War <small>*fistbumps*</small>}}

Sorry its big: Thanks S3AHAWK said ketchup wonKetchup.pngKetchupJoker.png 01:07, June 1, 2020 (EDT)

You can go ahead and add it if you want. To keep with the format it goes in my userbox subpage (click the "userboxes" header to go there) then put it near the bottom of the page where I put userboxes of users, specifically anywhere between the Oliver's userbox and my own userbox. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 01:21, June 1, 2020 (EDT)


What does it mean to bump something in the wiki? SonDanielSonDanielSignatureHead1.pngSonDanielSignatureHead2.png (talk page) 21:06, June 1, 2020 (EDT)

If an ongoing discussion hasen't had a new message in a long time a user will post in it to, for the lack of a better term, "revive" the discussion. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 21:12, June 1, 2020 (EDT)

Special move and Final Smash gifs[edit]

Is there a reason why we don't upload gifs for special moves or Final Smashes that are absent in Ultimate? SonDanielSonDanielSignatureHead1.pngSonDanielSignatureHead2.png (talk page) 21:25, June 3, 2020 (EDT)

Not exactly sure on this one. My guess is either we're unable to find/make one or we decided somewhere only Ultimate's are needed as it's the only one featured in the infoboxes.
Even for Ultimate the gifs are actually something new, we used to have static images for Ultimate's special moves in the infoboxes. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 21:30, June 3, 2020 (EDT)