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Oust Resident Evil!

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Oust Resident Evil! was a Spirit Board event focused on spirits from Resident Evil. It ran from 6 a.m on November 29, 2019 to 6 a.m. on December 4, 2019 (UTC). During the event, defeating spirits on the Spirit Board which were part of the event awarded more SP than usual.

The spirits for this event were exclusive to it at the time. After February 25, 2020, these spirits became available in the Shop and on the Spirit Board like most other spirits.


Four new spirits from the Resident Evil series are shambling onto the Spirit Board!
Defeat them in battle to earn more SP than usual.[1]

Randomly appearing spirits[edit]

Spirit Battle parameters
No. Image Name Series Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power Stage Rules Conditions Music
SSBU spirit Wesker.png
Wesker Resident Evil Series Captain Falcon CaptainFalconHeadBlackSSBU.png (180 HP)
9,500 Norfair (Ω form) •Attack Power ↑
•Metal Shift
•Temporary Invincibility
•The enemy will occasionally be invincible
•The enemy will occasionally turn metal when the enemy's at high damage
Stamina battle
Theme of Solid Snake
SSBU spirit Leon.png
Leon Resident Evil Series Fox FoxHeadBlackSSBU.png (150 HP)
Villager Team VillagerHeadYellowSSBU.png×3 VillagerHeadPinkSSBU.png×3 VillagerHeadSSBU.png×3 (60 HP)
3,800 Gerudo Valley (hazards off) •Item: Exploding Types •Defeat the main fighter to win
Stamina battle
•The enemy favors neutral specials
Psycho Bits
SSBU spirit Chris.png
Chris Resident Evil Series Snake SnakeHeadBlueSSBU.png
Richter RichterHeadBlackSSBU.png
3,900 Fourside (Battlefield form) •Item: Shooting Types •The enemy starts the battle with a Franklin Badge
•The enemy's ranged weapons have increased power
•The enemy favors special moves
Battle in the Base
SSBU spirit Jill.png
Jill Resident Evil Series Wii Fit Trainer WiiFitTrainerHeadSSBU.png
•Giant Ganondorf GanondorfHeadGreySSBU.png
2,200 Luigi's Mansion (hazards off) •Item: Ray Gun •Defeat the main fighter to win
•The enemy's shooting items have increased power
•Reinforcements will appear during the battle

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 迫りくる恐怖に打ち勝て! バイオハザード Conquer the Looming Fear! Biohazard
USA English (NTSC) Oust Resident Evil!
UK English (PAL) Oust the Resident Evil!
France French (PAL) Cherchez l'horreur ! Look for the horror !
Quebec French (NTSC) Cherchez l'horreur! Look for the horror!
Germany German Resident Evil: Horror im Visier! Resident Evil: Horror in your sights!
Spain Spanish ¡Pasa miedo con Resident Evil! Be afraid with Resident Evil!
Italy Italian Arriva l'horror di Resident Evil! The horror of Resident Evil arrives!
China Chinese (Simplified) 战胜逼近的恐怖!Resident Evil Defeat the looming terror! Resident Evil
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 戰勝進逼的恐怖!Resident Evil Defeat the looming terror! Resident Evil
South Korea Korean 옥죄는 공포를 이겨내라! 바이오하자드 Conquer the Looming Fear! Biohazard
Netherlands Dutch Bibberen met Resident Evil! Tremble with Resident Evil!
Russia Russian Resident Evil: изгнание зла! Resident Evil: banishing evil!