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Double XP and SP!

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Graphic for the "Double XP and SP!" Spirit Board event.

Double XP and SP! was a Spirit Board event that doubled the EXP and SP earned when defeating spirits. It ran from 6 a.m. on January 11, 2019 to 6 a.m. on Jaunary 14, 2019 (UTC).


North America[edit]

Experience and Spirit Points received from Spirit Board battles are doubled!
Time to beef up those spirits![1]

PAL regions[edit]

The EXP and SP you earn after winning a Spirit Board battle will double during this event!
Seems like a good time to get in some spirit training![2]

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 経験値とSPが倍増! おトクな3日間 Double your experience points and SP! Three Days Only
USA English (NTSC) Double XP and SP!
UK English (PAL) Double EXP and SP!
France French Double d'expérience et de PE Double experience and PE
Germany German Doppelt GP und Erfahrung! Double GP and Experience!
Spain Spanish (PAL) ¡Experiencia y PS a espuertas! Experience and PS in spades!
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) ¡Experiencia y PS a montones! Experience and PS galore!
Italy Italian PE e PSp a volontà! PE and PSp at will!
China Chinese (Simplified) 经验值和SP倍增!给力的3天 Experience and SP doubled! Awesome 3 Days
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 經驗值和SP加倍!三天期間大放送! Experience and SP doubled! Three Day Show!
South Korea Korean 경험치와 SP가 2배! 행복한 3일 Experience and SP are doubled! Happy 3 Days!
Netherlands Dutch Ervaring en SP ×2! Experience and SP ×2!
Russia Russian Двойные дух-баллы и опыт! Double spirit-points and experience!