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Bowser's Fury

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Bowser's Fury was a Spirit Board event focused on spirits from the Bowser's Fury submode found in the Nintendo Switch version of Super Mario 3D World. It ran from 6 a.m. on April 9, 2021 to 6 a.m. on April 14, 2021 (UTC). During the event, defeating spirits on the Spirit Board which were part of the event awarded more Gold than usual.

The spirits for this event were exclusive to it at the time. After July 13, 2021, these spirits became available in the Shop and on the Spirit Board like most other spirits.


Three new spirits from Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury are raging onto the Spirit Board!
Defeat them in battle to earn more gold than usual. Be sure to check them out![1]

Randomly appearing spirits[edit]

Spirit Battle parameters
No. Image Name Series Enemy Fighter(s) Type Power Stage Rules Conditions Music
SSBU spirit Fury Bowser.png
Fury Bowser Super Mario Series •Metal Bowser BowserHeadGreySSBU.png
13,800 Find Mii (Ω form) •Sudden Final Smash
•The enemy will suddenly have a Final Smash after a little while
•The enemy breathes fire after a little while
•The enemy is metal
King Bowser - Super Mario Bros. 3
SSBU spirit Giga Cat Mario.png
Giga Cat Mario Super Mario Series •Giant Mii Brawler MiiBrawlerHeadSSBU.png (Moveset 2232, Cat Hat, Cat Suit)
Bowser Jr. BowserJrHeadSSBU.png
3,900 Find Mii (Ω form) N/A •Defeat the main fighter to win
•The enemy is giant
The Great Tower Showdown 2
SSBU spirit Kittens.png
Kittens Super Mario Series •Tail Kirby Team KirbyHeadYellowSSBU.pngKirbyHeadBlueSSBU.pngKirbyHeadRedSSBU.pngKirbyHeadGreenSSBU.pngKirbyHeadPurpleSSBU.png
1,900 Delfino Plaza (Large Island) •Item: Balls •The enemy has increased move speed and reduced weight
•Defeat an army of fighters
Main Theme - Super Mario 64 (Remix)

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 巨大クッパと一騎打ち! フューリーワールド One on one battle with a giant Koopa! Fury World
France French Bowser's Fury
Germany German Bowser's Fury
Spain Spanish Bowser's Fury
Italy Italian Bowser's Fury
China Chinese (Simplified) 单挑巨大酷霸王!狂怒世界 One on one battle with a giant Koopa! Fury World
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 單挑巨大庫巴!狂怒世界 One on one battle with a giant Koopa! Fury World
South Korea Korean 거대 쿠파와의 맞대결! 퓨리 월드 One on one battle with a giant Koopa! Fury World
Netherlands Dutch Bowser's Fury
Russia Russian Bowser's Fury