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Team:San Martín y Burgués

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San Martín y Burgués
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Location Uruguay Uruguay
Owners Luis Morales (Pos3idón)
Sponsors/Partners Jardín de Eventos
Other games League of Legends
Free Fire
Mortal Kombat 11

San Martín y Burgués (SMB) is a Smash Bros team based in Uruguay. Owned by Luis Morales, the team was initially formed with a lot of hangouts between friends within the Uruguayan Smash Bos Community, in the intentions of avenues San Martín y Burgues in Montevideo, where they usually set dates and hangouts in order to get better at the game. The hope for the Crew of SMB was so crazy in 2021 and 2022, that lead to Pos3idón to create Offline events (most notably EvoChacra 2023) aswell as different tournaments Online where anyone could participate.


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