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Monado Art Ledge Snap

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Demonstration of the MALS technique.
MALS used for a pivot grab against Ike.

The Monado Art Ledge Snap or MALS is an advanced technique in Smash 4 and Ultimate that allows the user to laglessly get up from their ledge hanging animation, with the added benefit of the Art activation's intangibility. This allows Shulk to both quickly return onto stage as well as avoid certain ledge traps, such as R.O.B's Gyro.

How to perform[edit]

It is performed by cycling to an art prior to grabbing the ledge, dropping from the ledge, and double jumping onto the stage as the Art is activating. The Art's activation pose effectively 'clips' Shulk through the ledge as his hurtbox suddenly changes shape, forcing the game to snap him onto the stage. While difficult to time, this technique provides a much faster get-up option for Shulk compared to simply using a standard get-up from ledge. Aside from avoiding ledge traps, MALS can also be used offensively after a ledge trump to immediately return onto stage, allowing Shulk to perform a strong punish regardless of the opponent's actions.

The timing varies depending on the Monado Art being activated; for example, the window of success for a Monado Jump ledge snap is the largest, while the timing for Monado Smash is much harder to do consistently.

The technique cannot be performed on all stages. Of the legal (or formerly legal) stages of Smash 4, it can be performed on:


MALS was first discovered and explained by GetShulked, and researched on by Paradigm.

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