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Monado Art Buffered Deactivation

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Monado Art Buffered Deactivation, or MABD, is a Smash 4 technique that allows Shulk to retain his jumping, walking and/or running speed immediately after canceling an Art. The effect will last until Shulk does another action, such as an attack. This has several uses, including fakeouts or doing attacks/combos that requires Monado Speed's mobility without being penalized by its lower damage.

In Ultimate, MABD can no longer be performed since the bug which allowed this technique to occur has been removed; Shulk will now immediately change all his attributes the instant he switches or deactivates an Art.

How to perform[edit]

Performing this requires the player to buffer-cancel an active Monado Art during an uninterruptible animation (i.e dropping shield or dodging), while also buffering a movement option during that time. If successful, the Art will cancel, but Shulk will technically begin moving before the Art disappears, causing him to gain the increased movement speed that is provided by the Art until another command is inputted. However, any movement speed gained will slowly change back to the default speed after a while: in the case of running, Shulk will initially start at the speed of Monado Speed or Monado Shield and then either slow down or speed up, respectively.

Uniquely, MABD enhances Shulk's jump height if Monado Jump is canceled and a jump is buffered as well. This is due to Shulk keeping Monado Jump's increased jump height, but not the increased falling speed, causing him to travel higher. This is pivotal for the Monado Purge combo (up throw to jumping up aerial) as the extra height turns the combo into a 50-50 that is only escapable with an air dodge at higher percents.


MABD was originally discovered by Erico9001, who also researched that it boosts Shulk's jump height here.

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