Crownless bounce

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King K. Rool executing a C-Stick Macro Crownless Bounce, utilizing the Wavebounce variant.
King K. Rool executing a C-Stick Macro Crownless Bounce, utilizing the Pivot Jump variant.
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Crownless bounce is an advanced technique in Ulitmate exclusive to King K. Rool that makes use of the "No Crown" animation. Through executing a Short or Full Hop at a specific point with Side Special, it is possible to execute different types of jumps that are otherwise impossible to perform. The most practical application for Crownless Bounces is combining them with Crown Landing as a positioning and mixup tool. The Wavebounce variant can allow the player to position K.Rool while still being ready to attack at any point. The pivot jump variant can make it easier gain control of platforms, as K. Rool will land at the perfect time for his landing lag to cancel on Battlefield's side platform.

It is also possible to Crown Bounce via C-Stick Macro Specials[1] while not having the crown at all (thus using the crown pickup animation). This is known as a C-Stick Macro Crownless Bounce. This allows for a wavebounce or pivot jump depending on the inputs; the traditional input causes the pivot jump, while inputting two forward or backward inputs instead of the traditional way causes the wavebounce to occur. While the pivot jump is the more simple movement mixup (most notably for back aerial meteor smashes), the wavebounce is notable for how far it sends K. Rool back. This aids him in zoning, being able to follow up with a wavebounce into Blunderbuss after throwing the crown out.

However, Crownless Bouncing on its own comes with risks. The "No Crown" animation lasts 36 Frames, which is an above average amount of lag for a move in Ultimate. Thus, Crown Landing must be executed correctly whenever it is being performed, or there is a very real risk of being punished. While options can be buffered through it, it's not necessarily helpful when an opponent is on the offense. This means that the technique on its own is most effective with slower opponents or situations where opponents are unable to punish K. Rool.

Crownless Bouncing allows for great use of up tilt to anti-air, or control the top platform if the Pivot Jump is used. The wavebounce allows for many unique approach or retreat options, such as the aforementioned Blunderbuss zoning. It can also allow for approaches with neutral attack, instant dash attack (forward + forward on c-stick), or the previously mentioned up tilt. It can also function as a tomahawk option, allowing for interesting reads and plays.