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Tournament:The Airlock: Charity Smash Tourney

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The Airlock: Charity Smash Tourney
original from
Dates May 15th, 2021
Attendance 356
Pot size(s) $5,000
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate winners Mexico Maister
Organizer(s) Spacestation Gaming

The Airlock: Charity Smash Tourney was a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online tournament held on May 15th, 2021.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles[edit]

(356 entrants)
Top 24 Bracket
Top 8 Bracket

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st Mexico Maister MrGame&WatchHeadSSBU.png $1,500
2nd Dominican Republic Sonix SonicHeadSSBU.png $1,000
3rd Dominican Republic 0mart SnakeHeadSSBU.png $500
4th Mexico Sparg0 CloudHeadSSBU.pngPyraMythraHeadSSBU.png $400
5th USA Desmona Steve's stock icon. $300
5th USA LMan PyraHeadSSBU.png $300
7th USA Jake Steve's stock icon. $200
7th USA Yez IkeHeadSSBU.png $200
9th USA Sharp JokerHeadSSBU.pngWolfHeadSSBU.pngDiddyKongHeadSSBU.pngCloudHeadSSBU.pngPalutenaHeadSSBU.pngZeroSuitSamusHeadSSBU.png $100
9th Canada Frøst PokemonTrainerHeadSSBU.png $100
9th Guatemala ShinyMark PikachuHeadSSBU.png $100
9th* USA Myran OlimarHeadSSBU.png $100
13th Mexico WaKa LuigiHeadSSBU.pngCloudHeadSSBU.png $50
13th USA Quark MrGame&WatchHeadSSBU.pngGreninjaHeadSSBU.png $50
13th USA Amai7 DiddyKongHeadSSBU.png $50
13th Dominican Republic Capitancito MiiGunnerHeadSSBU.png $50
17th USA Monte MrGame&WatchHeadSSBU.png
17th USA yonni Steve's stock icon.
17th USA Deathspade BayonettaHeadSSBU.png
17th USA KING ROBHeadSSBU.pngWolfHeadSSBU.png
17th USA Mukuro7609 BylethHeadSSBU.png
17th USA 6:00am IncineroarHeadSSBU.png
17th Mexico Chag PalutenaHeadSSBU.png
17th USA Pokelam VillagerHeadSSBU.png
25th USA thirty4 OlimarHeadSSBU.png
25th USA SassyFlygon LuigiHeadSSBU.png
25th USA JeJaJeJa KirbyHeadSSBU.png
25th USA MRW IncineroarHeadSSBU.png
25th Mexico AlanDiss SnakeHeadSSBU.png
25th USA LeoN BowserHeadSSBU.png
25th USA Rozden GanondorfHeadSSBU.pngBowserHeadSSBU.png
25th USA N0GG1N YoshiHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA frawg BayonettaHeadSSBU.png
33rd Mexico MasterKill MinMinHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Kabi HeroHeadSSBU.png
33rd Canada LA GRIMACE MrGame&WatchHeadSSBU.png
33rd* USA Goblin IkeHeadSSBU.pngCloudHeadSSBU.png
33rd Canada Armadillo PyraMythraHeadSSBU.pngLucarioHeadSSBU.png
33rd Mexico D. Ace CloudHeadSSBU.pngPokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Sweshi BowserJrHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA SilverPC PokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA gordo KingDededeHeadSSBU.png
33rd* USA Epic_Gabriel ROBHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Palestine PalutenaHeadSSBU.pngKingDededeHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA WebbJP ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Peckham MinMinHeadSSBU.png
33rd USA Mr. E LucinaHeadSSBU.png
33rd Canada Saloum PokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.png

*DQ'd from Losers.

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