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Proud recipient of:

Nice work! Your contributions reflect the kind of awesome work we SmashWikidians like to see!
Consistently improving pages, especially fighter articles and move articles. Drill Blaster Mark 2 (talk) 14:03, 15 November 2015 (EST)

Most played characters:

ShulkIcon(SSBU).png This user is a filthy Shulk main. Fear the disjointed lightsaber.
LittleMacIcon(SSBU).png This user mains Little Mac. Fear the smol punchy man.
RoyIcon(SSBU).png This user mains Roy. Believe in our boy.
RobinIcon(SSBU).png This user is three steps ahead, then forgets how many steps he took.
PokémonTrainerIcon(SSBU).png This user keeps a ton of pets in very small containers.
IvysaurIcon(SSBU).png This pet in particular is thrown into battle a lot. Sorry.
RidleyIcon(SSBU).png *Unintelligible raptor noises*
IncineroarIcon(SSBU).png *Unintelligible angry wrestling cat noises*
WiiFitTrainerIcon(SSBU).png *incomprehensible exercise noises*
DrMarioIcon(SSBU).png This user specifically plays the yellow palette and calls himself Mustard Mario.
MiiBrawlerIcon(SSBU).png This user really appreciates the Mii buffs.
MiiSwordfighterIcon(SSBU).png Gale Strike is insanely scary. Don't get hit by it.
LinkIcon(SSBU).png This user really enjoyed BOTW and also finds the Remote Runes a ton of fun.
LinkIcon(SSBB).png This user mained the silent blonde in Brawl.

Welcome to my user page!

Hello, and welcome to my page. I just wanted to add a bit of information here as it's going to be empty if I don't.

Archrelico "Mexi"
Ultimate mains Shulk, Little Mac
Other Ultimate
Mii Swordfighter, Roy, Robin, Wolf, Mii Brawler, Pokemon Trainer, Wii Fit Trainer, Dr. Mario, Ridley, Incineroar, Falco
SSB4 (3DS) mains Shulk, Wii Fit Trainer
Other SSB4 (3DS)
Little Mac, Robin
Brawl mains Link, Ike
Skill Other Experienced casual


I'm Mexi, though I previously used the name "Archrelico" for a period of time. I've played the Super Smash Bros. series ever since I first stumbled upon the messy Super Smash Flash fangame and Super Smash Bros. 64 on the Project64 emulator, before getting myself a Wii and playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl like a casual (completely with Wiimote-only Subspace Emissary).

Currently, I play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and proudly own the limited edition Switch with the two pieces of tape on the left Joy Con.

Previously, I played Super Smash Bros. 3DS (getting my circle pad and wrist to deathbed in the process). Although I'm not a competitive player, I enjoy the series immensely especially since I am a huge Nintendo fan, and I like to think that I'm above average.

My thoughts on mains:

My outlook on maining a character is all about Whether you are passionate enough to represent a fighter, and are willing to learn how to master them, no matter what their flaws are. As such, I tend to play a lot of perceived and unrepresented low-tiers, just to eventually realize their true potential (either that, or they're just plain fun to me). Plus, a really good low-tier is more impressive to me than yet another good high-tier player.

Wiki Goals

Ever since joining the wiki after the release of both Smash 4 games, my main goals on the wiki have been simple.

  • Update Ultimate (previously Smash 4) character pages to include changes that have been noticed or proven (have to be accurate, of course, and will be only added after testing from myself), including but not limited to damage percentage, differences from Brawl, and trivia.
  • Give descriptions to each move a character has in their moveset list. If necessary, make the moveset list myself and test out damage and knockback, alongside the most basic combos, followups etc.
  • Test the character's special moves and give their matching pages updates that give smashers more information to both use and counter it.
  • Add information for custom moves as they are currently lacking in both descriptions and uses.
  • Write down character Attribute summaries that give readers an easier time to understand each fighter's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Editing any small errors or missing information that I happen to pass by.

Basically, I focus on editing Attributes, Movesets, Trivia and Analysing a character's perks and flaws.

Notable Contributions:

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