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Swedish Delight
Rng swedish.jpg
Ultimate main Inkling
Melee main Sheik
Other Melee
Retired Melee
Project M mains Mario, Mr. Game & Watch
Sponsor(s) OG
Former sponsor(s) Renegades
Former crews Rutgers Maylay, MGFC, BERT Gaming
Skill Super Smash Bros. Melee Top level
Winnings Super Smash Bros. Melee ~$7,401.44
Additional info
Real name James Liu
Location New Jersey United States

Swedish Delight is a top Melee Sheik main from New Jersey, He is one of the best players in the Tristate Area and considered among the strongest smashers in the United States. He solidified his top professional status by placing 25th at EVO 2014, where he defeated s0ft and Lucien in the losers' quarterfinals pool after losing to JAVI, before being knocked out by aMSa. From late 2015 to 2016, he emerged as a strong contender, placing high at numerous majors and taking wins over many top players. By late 2016, he was placing consistently in the top 12 at major tournaments including CEO 2016, EVO 2016, Shine 2016, and The Big House 6. At EVO 2018, he became the first non-top 6 player to beat Armada in more than eight years. Swedish Delight was formerly ranked 2nd on the NYC Metropolitan Area Melee Power Rankings, rank 0 on the New Jersey Melee Power Rankings, and 18th on the 2019 MPGR.

He was a founding officer of Scarlet Smash, a Smash club at Rutgers University. He is affiliated with BERTGaming, a crew of primarily Rutgers smashers along with Qerb and a few others. On October 6th 2016, he was picked up by the eSports team Renegades, along with Dabuz. On May 2nd 2018, he was picked up by OG after leaving Renegades. Swedish Delight and his affiliation with OG is unknown since late 2019, as Swedish Delight stopped wearing the OG jersey and tag in tournaments and the team erased their Smash roster on their website, but none of them made a statement about the situation.

Tournament history[edit]

Swedish Delight placed 13th at the second largest Melee tournament at the time, The Big House 5, beating Westballz in top 64 winners before losing to SFAT. He then won vs Zhu before losing to Duck. Along with his partner, Nintendude, this was also the highest placing of any Atlantic North smasher at this event outside of Abate.

Swedish Delight and doubles partner Slox emerged as a formidable duo in 2016. At GENESIS 3, they took two sets, 2-0 and 3-2, off of Hungrybox and Axe, placing 3rd. They followed this with 4th and 5th place finishes at Pound 2016 and CEO 2016 respectively.

One of his most impressive performances was at Pound 2016, where he made Top 32 in winners' side. His first set in the bracket was against Laudandus, where he defeated him 2-0. Next came his set against Professor Pro, where the latter lost 3-2. Entering winners' semis, he was pitted against Hungrybox, where he was defeated 3-0, knocking him into losers' bracket. After being knocked out, he was pitted against Laudandus again, this time defeating him 3-0. In losers' semis, Mango clutched it out in a nailbiter set 3-2, ending his run at 4th place.

Smash 'N' Splash 2 was one of his best performances at a national, defeating S2J and Westballz, as well as winning two sets against Mew2King, only losing twice to Hungrybox to earn a strong 2nd place finish. He interestingly opted to use Luigi against Hungrybox in grand finals.

At CEO 2016, he displayed consistency by placing 9th, with wins over Nintendude and DJ Nintendo, and followed this with a strong 9th place finish at the largest tournament of all time, EVO 2016.

At Shine 2016, he again impressed with a 5th place finish, with wins over Nintendude, Westballz, and HugS. He was sent to losers by Mew2King and eliminated by Mango.

He placed 9th at The Big House 6, falling to Armada 0-3 in winners, then eliminating Leffen 3-0 and Shroomed 3-0 before being eliminated by Hungrybox 2-3 in losers.

At EVO 2018, Swedish Delight notably became the first player outside of Mango, Hungrybox, Mew2King, PPMD, Leffen, and Plup to beat Armada in more than eight years.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
The Tunes Monthlies #8 July 31st, 2010 7th 7th Mr. F
Apex 2012 January 6th-8th, 2012 65th
Zenith 2012 May 26th-27th, 2012 25th
Zenith 2013 June 1st-2nd, 2013 9th 13th Mr. F
EVO 2013 July 12th-14th, 2013 49th
COA IV December 20th, 2013 3rd
Apex 2014 January 17th-19th, 2014 49th
Shuffle V February 22nd-23rd, 2014 5th 13th ADHD
KTAR 9 March 22nd, 2014 2nd 3rd ADHD
EVO 2014 July 11th-13th, 2014 25th 17th Duck
Zenith 2014 August 2nd-3rd, 2014 9th 5th Nintendude
KTAR XI November 22nd, 2014 5th 3rd Jsex
Collision XI January 3rd, 2015 2nd 1st Nintendude
KING OF GARDEN STATE January 17th, 2015 1st
Super Nebulous 2 January 24th, 2015 9th
Apex 2015 January 30th-February 1st, 2015 17th
Bad Moon Rising March 14th-15th, 2015 9th 2nd Nintendude
Collision XII June 6th, 2015 1st 4th Qerb
Super Nebulous 3 April 25th-26th, 2015 9th 4th Nintendude
FC Smash 15XR: Return July 4th-5th, 2015 9th 5th Nintendude
EVO 2015 July 17th-19th, 2015 33rd 7th Nintendude
Nebulous Prime 1 August 14th-16th, 2015 1st 1st Slox
SKTAR 4 August 22nd-23rd, 2015 2nd 2nd C!Z
The Big House 5 October 2nd-4th, 2015 13th 9th Nintendude
Smash Summit November 7th-8th, 2015 13th 7th Alex19
BUST3 November 21st, 2015 1st 2nd Jsex
KTAR XV December 5th, 2015 1st 1st Jsex
Kings of Garden State 2 December 27th, 2015 1st
KTAR XVI January 9th, 2016 2nd
GENESIS 3 January 15th-17th, 2016 33rd 3rd Slox
SWEET XXIII March 12th, 2016 3rd 3rd Yoyo
Midwest Mayhem March 19th, 2016 2nd 1st Captain Faceroll
Super Nebulous 4 March 26th, 2016 2nd 1st Hungrybox
Pound 2016 April 2nd-3rd, 2016 4th 4th Slox
Get On My Level 2016 May 20th-22nd, 2016 13th 9th Prince Abu
S@X 152 June 1st, 2016 1st
Rise of the Empire June 4th, 2016 2nd 1st Prince Abu
Smash 'N' Splash 2 June 11th-12th, 2016 2nd 5th N0ne
CEO 2016 June 24th-26th, 2016 9th 5th Slox
EVO 2016 July 15th-17th, 2016 9th
New Jersey Quarterly Rapport 2 August 7th, 2016 1st 1st Slox
Shine 2016 August 26th-28th, 2016 5th
The Big House 6 October 7th-9th, 2016 9th 13th Druggedfox
Nebulous Prime Melee #64 November 5th, 2016 1st 1st Slox
Smash the Record 2016 November 11th-14th, 2016 5th
UGC Smash Open December 2nd-4th, 2016 7th 5th Axe
Eden December 10th-11th, 2016 13th 3rd Slox
Don't Park on the Grass December 17th-18th, 2016 9th 3rd Hungrybox
Apollo January 7th-8th, 2017 2nd 3rd Duck
GENESIS 4 January 20th-22nd, 2017 13th
Apollo 2 February 11th, 2017 3rd 1st Slox
Smash Valley V February 18th, 2017 3rd 4th Colbol
Apollo III March 11th, 2017 1st 1st Slox
Full Bloom 3 March 25th, 2017 9th 2nd The Moon
Smash Rivalries April 8th-9th, 2017 7th 5th The Moon
CEO Dreamland April 15th-16th, 2017 4th 4th Slox
Flatiron 2 April 22nd, 2017 1st 1st Bladewise
CEO 2017 June 16th-18th, 2017 5th
OMEGA June 24th-25th, 2017 1st 1st Slox
Bad Moon Rising 2 July 1st, 2017 3rd 2nd Slox
EVO 2017 July 14th-16th, 2017 13th
FUSE July 16th, 2017 9th Slox
Tri-State Invitational August 5th-6th, 2017 1st
Super Smash Con 2017 August 10th-13th, 2017 13th 4th MikeHaze
Shine 2017 August 25th-27th, 2017 33rd 4th Plup
Super Smash Sundays 62 September 10th, 2017 5th 1st Westballz
Smash the Record 2017 September 14th-17th, 2017 3rd 2nd MikeHaze
GameTyrant Expo 2017 September 29th-October 1st, 2017 17th 9th MikeHaze
The Big House 7 October 6th-8th, 2017 9th 33rd MikeHaze
Too Hot to Handle October 28th-29th, 2017 9th 7th MikeHaze
Tipped Off 12 November 11th-12th, 2017 4th 1st Mew2King
RISE Melee Regional November 25th, 2017 1st Ryan Ford
DreamHack Winter 2017 December 2nd-3rd, 2017 4th 2nd Wizzrobe
SWEET 29 January 13th, 2018 1st
Pre-Genesis 5 Melee & Marvel January 17th, 2018 7th
GENESIS 5 January 19th-21st, 2018 33rd 9th MikeHaze
The Gang Hosts a Melee Tournament February 3rd, 2018 13th 25th FendrickLamar
Smash Valley: Lucky 7 February 17th, 2018 9th 1st Hungrybox
No Fun Allowed 2 February 24th, 2018 4th 1st La Luna
EGLX 2018 March 9th-11th, 2018 17th 5th Crush
The Mango March 18th, 2018 1st 17th Frodan
Full Bloom 4 March 24th-25th, 2018 17th 5th La Luna
The Scarlet Classic IV April 15th-16th, 2018 4th 2nd mayb
Flatiron 3 April 21st, 2018 5th 5th Bladewise
Get On My Level 2018 May 18th-20th, 2018 7th 2nd Ice
Combo Breaker 2018 May 25th-27th, 2018 2nd 2nd Nintendude
Smash 'N' Splash 4 June 1st-3rd, 2018 17th 5th Wizzrobe
OpTic Arena June 8th-10th, 2018 5th
OMEGA II June 16th-17th, 2018 3rd
CEO 2018 June 29th-July 1st, 2018 13th 4th Wizzrobe
Radiance July 14th, 2018 1st
Aurora Blitz July 21st, 2018 1st
EVO 2018 August 3rd-5th, 2018 7th
Super Smash Con 2018 August 9th-12th, 2018 25th 4th Druggedfox
Shine 2018 August 24th-26th, 2018 9th 2nd Plup
The Big House 8 October 5th-7th, 2018 9th
Scarlet Smackdown October 13th, 2018 1st
The Mang0: Homecoming November 10th-11th, 2018 3rd 5th Slox
Smash Summit 7 November 15th-18th, 2018 13th 3rd Slox
Fireside Open 2018 December 1st, 2018 9th 2nd Jflex
TCNJapes: The Finale December 8th, 2018 1st 1st Atomsk
Don't Park on the Grass 2018 December 15th-16th, 2018 2nd 9th Stango
NYXL Pop-Up! December 22nd, 2018 2nd
GIGA HOG: Era January 26th, 2019 1st 1st vortex
GENESIS 6 February 1st-3rd, 2019 49th 7th iBDW
The Gang Steals The Script March 9th, 2019 2nd
Full Bloom 5 March 23rd-24th, 2019 5th 3rd Zain
The Scarlet Classic V April 14th, 2019 2nd 1st iBDW
Pound 2019 April 19th-21st, 2019 9th
King May 5th, 2019 9th 1st Fiction
Get On My Level 2019 May 17th-19th, 2019 9th
The Kid, the Goat, and the Mang0 June 8th-9th, 2019 3rd 1st ChuDat
Super Smash Con 2019 August 8th-11th, 2019 9th
Shine 2019 August 23rd-25th, 2019 7th
The Big House 9 October 4th-6th, 2019 9th
Smash Hall: Melee at the Biergarten November 16th, 2019 3rd 1st Qerb
Mango's Birthday Bash December 7th-8th, 2019 5th (DQ) 5th Hax
Hax's Nightclub S1E1 January 1st, 2020 4th
GENESIS 7 January 24th-26th, 2020 9th
Pound OnlineOnline April 24th-26th, 2020 17th
Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 2Online July 25th-26th, 2020 17th
Wavedash 2022 August 6th-7th, 2022 7th

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Smash the Record 2016 November 11th-14th, 2016 129th

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
Don't Park on the Grass 2018 December 15th-16th, 2018 257th 33rd Zain
Full Bloom 5 March 23rd-24th, 2019 65th
Pound 2019 April 19th-21st, 2019 257th
The Kid, the Goat, and the Mang0 June 8th-9th, 2019 33rd

Project M[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Super Smash Sundays East Coast #4 May 18th, 2014 4th


  • Swedish Delight is the younger brother of Mr. F.

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