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The reason given for the split is: I think this category should be split into VIP players categories for each game: VIP players (SSB), VIP players (SSBM), VIP players (SSBB), VIP players (PM) and VIP players (SSB4). A split like that would also be great for the regional categories (e.g. Japanese players) but a lot more work. Opinions? (Discuss)

These people have been very significant to the Smash community from their accomplishments as players in competitive play. These players were not just very good or flashes in the pan, they have achieved an excellence that made them the most revered players to the community. To be categorised here, a player must have one or a combination of the following attributes:

  • The player has had a reign of dominance up to national level of play.
  • The player was a major innovator of their character's metagame.
  • The player performed well beyond the standard with a lower tier character in high level tournaments.

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