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OCEAN at Apex 2012.
Ultimate main R.O.B.
SSB4 main R.O.B.
Other SSB4
Brawl main R.O.B.
Melee main Captain Falcon
SSB64 main Captain Falcon
Skill Super Smash Bros. Brawl Top professional
Super Smash Bros. 4 Professional
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Professional
Ranking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Japan Player Rankings: 44th
Additional info
Location Osaka, Kansai Japan

OCEAN is a smasher from Japan who is widely considered to be the best R.O.B. player in the world in Brawl. He competed in Apex 2012 and defeated Mr.R (to whom he had previously lost to in a money match) as well as Mew2King in winners' bracket, before losing to Kakera and then to ADHD, placing 9th overall. He teamed with Fox player Karamity in doubles and placed 25th. Before his Apex debut, OCEAN was mostly known outside of Japan for his set against Meta Knight player Akira in a local tournament; SumabatoX02.

OCEAN is well known for his Gyro tactics, such as firing it against the edge of a stage and re-catching it on stages such as Battlefield, and B-sticking to make R.O.B. less vulnerable in the air. As of present, he still mains R.O.B in Smash 4 with a Sonic secondary and performs well in Japan, with good placings such as 2nd at Hirosuma 4 and 5th at Sumabato 12. He is currently ranked 109th on the JAPAN Power Rankings and have taken sets off of players such as HIKARU, Kisha, Kome, Kie, Charlie, Stroder, and PiXL.

He is married to fellow Japanese smasher Share.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
SumabatoX 1 August 22nd, 2010 7th
SumabatoX 2 September 18th, 2010 9th
KetubatoX 6 November 27th, 2010 5th
SumabatoX 4 December 4th, 2010 13th
SumabatoX 5 January 25th, 2011 9th
SumabatoX 6 March 12th, 2011 9th
Sumabato X FES May 4-5th, 2011 9th
SumabatoX 7 June 25th, 2011 13th
SumabatoX 8 September 4th, 2011 9th
SumabatoX 10 November 19th, 2011 9th
Apex 2012 January 6th-8th, 2012 9th 25th Karamity

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Karisuma 3 May 23rd, 2015 2nd
Sumabato 10 May 29th, 2016 33rd
Hirosuma 4 June 12th, 2016 2nd
Sumabato 11 June 18th, 2016 33rd
Sumabato for THE BIG HOUSE July 30th-31st, 2016 65th 65th Isotaku
Sumayatsu 4 August 10th, 2016 5th
Sumabato 12 August 27th, 2016 5th
Umebura 25 September 10th, 2016 25th
Hirosuma 5 September 18th, 2016 4th
Shulla-bra VIII September 24th, 2016 25th
Sumabato 13 September 25th, 2016 65th
Karisuma 11 November 26th, 2016 49th
Hirosuma Tokaigi Qualifiers December 11th, 2016 5th
Umebura BenQ ZOWIE Cup December 18th, 2016 5th
TSC Tokaigi Qualifiers December 23rd, 2016 9th
Karisuma Tokaigi Qualifiers January 14th, 2017 17th
Shulla-bra Tokaigi Qualifiers January 15th, 2017 9th
Smash of the Titans 15 January 19th, 2017 49th
GENESIS 4 January 20th-22nd, 2017 129th 65th 8BitMan
Sumabato 15 January 28th, 2017 97th
Umebura Tokaigi Qualifiers Feburaury 4th, 2017 129th
Sumabato 16 February 25th, 2017 49th
Karisuma 12 March 11th, 2017 33rd
Sumabato x Cyclops #1 April 5th, 2017 17th
Sumabato x Cyclops #2 April 12th, 2017 17th
Sumabato 17 April 16th, 2017 65th
KSB 2017 May 4th-6th, 2017 17th
Umebura Japan Major 2017 May 6th-7th, 2017 65th 49th Paru
Sumabato x Cyclops #5 May 12th, 2017 25th
Sumabato x Cyclops #6 May 17th, 2017 5th
Sumabato x Cyclops #7 May 24th, 2017 3rd
Sumabato x Cyclops #8 May 31st, 2017 9th
Hirosuma 6 June 3rd, 2017 13th
Sumabato x Cyclops #9 June 7th, 2017 17th
Sumabato 18 June 18th, 2017 97th
Sumabato x Cyclops #11 June 22nd, 2017 9th
Umebura 27 July 1st, 2017 65th
4th Annual PSG Classic July 12th, 2017 13th
EVO 2017 July 14th-16th, 2017 97th
Sumabato x Cyclops #17 August 4th, 2017 7th
Sumabato 19 August 12th, 2017 97th
Sumabato x Cyclops #18 August 18th, 2017 13th
Hirosuma 7 September 2nd, 2017 4th
Karisuma 15 September 16th, 2017 33rd
Sumabato 20 September 24th, 2017 49th
Sumabato x Cyclops #25 October 6th, 2017 1st
Sumabato x Cyclops x Koikeya October 13th, 2017 7th
Sumabato 21 October 21st, 2017 49th
Sumabato x Cyclops #27 October 27th, 2017 1st
Umebura 29 October 28th, 2017 97th
Hirosuma 8 November 4th, 2017 25th
Sumabato x Cyclops #29 November 10th, 2017 17th
Sumabato 22 November 12th, 2017 49th
Karisuma 16 December 10th, 2017 9th
Sumabato x Cyclops #35 December 22nd, 2017 13th
Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifiers 1 January 6th, 2018 49th
Sumabato 23 February 17th, 2018 65th
Sumabato 24 March 24th, 2018 33rd
Sumabato x Cyclops #45 April 6th, 2018 9th
Sumabato x Cyclops #46 April 13th, 2018 5th
Sumabato x Cyclops #47 April 20th, 2018 9th
Sumabato x Cyclops #48 April 27th, 2018 9th
Karisuma 19 April 28th, 2018 5th
KVOxTSB 2018 May 4th-6th 2018 49th
Sumabato x Cyclops #49 May 11th, 2018 17th
Sumabato x Cyclops #50 May 18th, 2018 13th
Sumabato 25 May 27th, 2018 13th
Sumabato x Cyclops #52 June 1st, 2018 2nd
Hirosuma Revolution 2 June 24th, 2018 25th
Sumabato 26 June 30th, 2018 33rd
Karisuma 20 August 4th, 2018 17th
Sumabato 27 August 12th, 2018 17th
SoCal Regionals 2018 September 14th-16th, 2018 9th

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
SUMABATO x CYCLOPS #82 January 25th, 2019 5th
Shulla-bra SP 1 January 27th, 2019 3rd (DQ)
Sumabato SP 2 February 2nd, 2019 33rd
Shulla-bra SP 2 March 31st, 2019 13th
Umebura Japan Major 2019 May 1st-2nd, 2019 17th
KVOxTSB 2019 May 2nd-5th, 2019 25th
Karisuma SP 2 May 18th, 2019 3rd
Shulla-bra SP 3 May 19th, 2019 9th
Kamisuma 1 May 25th, 2019 2nd
Sumabato SP 4 May 26th, 2019 13th
Sumabato SP 5 June 22nd, 2019 33rd
Sumabato SP 6 July 13th, 2019 17th
Umebura SP 4 August 16th, 2019 25th
EGS Cup 2 August 25th, 2019 65th
Sumabato SP 8 September 15th, 2019 9th
KVO Resort 2019 September 29th, 2019 1st
Umebura SP 6 October 22nd, 2019 49th
Karisuma SP 5 November 4th, 2019 49th
Sumabato SP 9 November 10th, 2019 49th
Hirosuma 15 December 8th, 2019 4th
Sumabato SP 10 December 15th, 2019 65th
Sumabato SP 11 December 28th, 2019 33rd
Maesuma TOP 1 January 4th, 2020 49th
Maesuma TOP 2 March 1st, 2020 65th
Maesuma TOP 3 July 4th, 2020 7th

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