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Picture of 8BitMan from his Facebook.
Ultimate main R.O.B.
Other Ultimate
Diddy Kong
SSB4 mains R.O.B., Diddy Kong
Other SSB4
Brawl main R.O.B.
Sponsor(s) Fable eSports, Antimatter Gaming
Former crews Gamers on The Edge
Skill Super Smash Bros. Brawl Top professional
Super Smash Bros. 4 Top professional
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Top professional
Ranking Super Smash Bros. 4 South Florida Smash 4 Power Rankings: 8th
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v7: 26th
Additional info
Real name Brett Esposito
Location Coral Springs, Florida United States

8BitMan is an SSBU R.O.B. player from Coral Springs, Florida. He is considered one of the best R.O.B. players in the United States. He has taken sets off of players such as Cosmos, Salem, Rivers, Sinji, Samsora, and Daybreak. He is currently ranked 26th on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v7, and was formerly ranked 2nd on the South Florida Power Rankings and in the "Area 51" section on the Spring 2019 PGRU.

In SSB4, 8BitMan was also a R.O.B. main, and was considered one of the best R.O.B. players in the world and the best Diddy Kong player in South Florida. 8BitMan was ranked 8th on the final South Florida Smash 4 Power Rankings and was formerly ranked 47th on the Panda Global Rankings v1. He has taken sets off of players such as Salem, Samsora, Fatality, Larry Lurr, ESAM, MVD, Ned, Darkshad, Mr. E, and Mew2King.

In SSBB, 8BitMan was also a R.O.B. player, and was considered one of the best R.O.B. players in the United States. 8BitMan was ranked 8th on the final Florida Brawl Power Rankings and was formerly ranked 86th on the 2014 SSBBRank. In Brawl, he has taken sets off of players including Nick Riddle, ESAM, NAKAT, and True Blue.

On February 10th, 2017, 8BitMan was signed by Fable eSports.[1]

On May 22nd, 2018 8BitMan was signed by Antimatter Gaming.[2]

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
WABA November 10th, 2012 13th 9th Stingers
P.R.E.lude to Papa May 11th, 2013 5th 3rd Lad
WHOBO 5 October 19th-20th, 2013 9th 13th True Blue
Apex 2014 January 17th-19th, 2014 65th
NickRiddle & 8Bitman's May Brawl/PM Monthly (April) April 18th, 2014 5th
NickRiddle & 8Bitman's May Brawl/PM Monthly (May) May 17th, 2014 2nd
SKTAR 3 May 31st-June 1st, 2014 25th
Final Battle January 17th, 2015 13th 4th Zan
Apex 2015 January 30th-February 1st, 2015 17th 9th Xaltis
Return to Subspace 3 - A New Era March 7th-8th, 2020 13th

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
Final Battle January 17th, 2015 7th 17th Zan
Apex 2015 January 30th-February 1st, 2015 33rd
Tampa Never Sleeps 5 February 22nd, 2015 7th
CEO 2015 June 26th-28th, 2015 17th
EVO 2015 July 17th-19th, 2015 17th 33rd Seibrik
Paragon Los Angeles 2015 September 5th-6th, 2015 25th
Smash the Record 2015 October 23rd-25th, 2015 4th 9th Purple Guy
Frame Perfect Series November 21st, 2015 2nd 9th ScaryLB59
GENESIS 3 January 15th-17th, 2016 33rd 49th Jeezrick
EagleLAN April 23rd, 2016 5th
Play Mor Smash Bros Mayhem May 7th, 2016 7th
GoTE 4TheKids May 14th, 2016 2nd 2nd Kazu
Smash Fight Club 47 June 5th, 2016 2nd
CEO 2016 June 24th-26th, 2016 33rd 25th Port
Vitality July 30th, 2016 5th 2nd MVD
Trail Gaming League 8 August 6th, 2016 5th 3rd Kazu
Super Smash Con 2016 August 11th-14th, 2016 65th 33rd Port
VSGC Weekly 8/18 August 18th, 2016 7th
Trail Gaming League 9 September 10th, 2016 13th 4th Port
Unrivaled II: Doubles Edition September 17th, 2016 7th 2nd RiotLettuce
Glitch 2 September 24th-25th, 2016 4th 9th Port
Westland Warzone Wednesday Smash 10/5 October 5th, 2016 3rd
The Big House 6 October 7th-9th, 2016 17th 17th Nick Riddle
Smash Conference LXVIII October 14th, 2016 4th 7th Port
Come To Papa 2 October 22nd-23rd, 2016 5th 9th Port
Smash the Record 2016 November 11th-13th, 2016 33rd 9th Port
VSGC Weekly 12/22 December 22nd, 2016 7th
VSGC Weekly 12/29 December 29th, 2016 5th
Smash Conference LXIX January 7th, 2017 17th 1st Salem
GENESIS 4 January 20th-22nd, 2017 65th 65th OCEAN
PG Key to Frostbite 2017Online February 12th-16th, 2017 3rd
Tampa Never Sleeps 7 February 24th-26th, 2017 7th 5th Dath
TGL Monthly 14 March 11th, 2017 3rd 7th Port
Frame Perfect Series 2 March 18th-19th, 2017 33rd 25th Dath
2GGC: Civil War March 24th-26th, 2017 49th 33rd Dath
Midwest Mayhem 8: North American Tour April 8th, 2017 13th 4th Darkshad
CEO Dreamland April 14th-16th, 2017 33rd 13th True Blue
TGL Monthly 15 May 6th-7th, 2017 9th 5th Dath
GoTE 4TheKids 2017 May 20th-21st, 2017 2nd 5th 3Fresh Lade
Backthrow Thursdays #12 May 25th, 2017 4th 5th Port
Combo Breaker 2017 May 26th-28th, 2017 5th 3rd tyroy
Smash 'N' Splash 3 June 2nd-4th, 2017 25th 5th Darkshad
VSGC Weekly 6/8 June 8th, 2017 7th
CEO 2017 June 16th-18th, 2017 49th
TGL Divided July 8th, 2017 5th
EVO 2017 July 14th-16th, 2017 49th
Super Smash Con 2017 August 10th-13th, 2017 97th 17th Dath
Scarf Army Showdown #1Online September 22nd, 2017 1st
Little Big House 3 October 5th, 2017 9th
The Big House 7 October 6th-8th, 2017 33rd 33rd Darkshad
Too Hot to Handle October 28th-29th, 2017 13th 7th Dath
Naifu Wars: World War 3Online November 18th, 2017 5th
GENESIS 5 January 19th-21st, 2018 65th
Ursa Minor 2 February 8th, 2018 33rd
Frostbite 2018 February 9th-11th, 2018 49th 33rd Port
Overlords of Orlando March 18th, 2018 5th
EagleCON 2018 April 14th, 2018 13th 1st Manny
Push More Buttons 2018 May 12th-13th, 2018 5th 1st Pugwest
Combo Breaker 2018 May 25th-27th, 2018 5th 4th Port
Smash 'N' Splash 4 June 1st-3rd, 2018 25th 9th Mekos
CEO 2018 June 29th-July 1st, 2018 33rd 9th Manny
Smashfield Weeklies #148 July 13th, 2018 2nd
Friday Night Smash Delight : A Mini Showdown 3 July 13th, 2018 5th
Showdown: Battle Royale 3 July 14th-15th, 2018 25th 13th tyroy
Super Smash Con 2018 August 9th-12th, 2018 49th
Shine 2018 August 24th-26th, 2018 33rd 9th yeti
SoCal Regionals 2018 September 14th-16th, 2018 7th 9th Port
Super Smash Fight Club 4 September 22nd, 2018 13th 9th K9sbruce
Retro Arena September 29th, 2018 4th 5th yeti
Little Big House 4 October 4th, 2018 9th
The Big House 8 October 5th-7th, 2018 9th 7th yeti
DreamHack Atlanta 2018 November 16th-18th, 2018 25th

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Smash Conference United January 5th-6th, 2019 9th 9th Kazu
Glitch 6 January 19th-20th, 2019 9th 49th LingLing
Retro Arena 64 January 26th, 2019 13th 2nd Maister
GENESIS 6 February 1st-3rd, 2019 17th 7th yeti
Ultimate Naifu Wars 4Online February 15th, 2019 7th
Frostbite 2019 February 22nd-24th, 2019 65th 9th Manny
Ultimate Gamer Miami March 9th-10th, 2019 5th
Overlords of Orlando: Ultimate Edition April 13th, 2019 4th
Ragnarok April 20th-21st, 2019 25th 7th Maister
Come to Papa 3 April 29th, 2019 9th 9th Vinny G
Midwest Arena May 4th, 2019 2nd 1st yeti
GoTE 4TheKids 2019 May 18th-19th, 2019 4th
Smash 'N' Splash 5 May 31st-June 2nd, 2019 25th 9th yeti
2GG: Grand Tour - Ohio June 22nd-23rd, 2019 1st 1st Mystearica
CEO 2019 June 28th-30th, 2019 25th
Low Tier City 7 July 12th-14th, 2019 17th 9th Shadow_PR
Off The Rails July 20th-21st, 2019 7th 9th Morpheus
EVO 2019 August 2nd-4th, 2019 65th
Super Smash Con 2019 August 8th-11th, 2019 65th
Midwest Arena 2: Doubles Masters August 17th, 2019 4th
Shine 2019 August 23rd-25th, 2019 33rd 17th yeti
The Grind 92 September 13th, 2019 7th
Glitch 7 - Minus World September 14th-15th, 2019 17th 9th yeti
GatorLAN Fall 2019 September 21st, 2019 1st
The Big House 9 October 4th-6th, 2019 49th 17th Maister
Infinity Ugur October 12th, 2019 13th
DreamHack Atlanta 2019 November 15th-17th, 2019 17th 9th Vinny G
Tampa Never Sleeps 8 January 18th-19th, 2020 13th 13th Morpheus
GENESIS 7 January 24th-26th, 2020 49th 13th Blacktwins13
Shell Shock February 8th, 2020 17th 5th Vinny G
Frostbite 2020 February 21st-23rd, 2020 65th 25th yeti
Soaked Series InvitationalOnline February 29th-March 1st, 2020 49th
Return to Subspace 3 - A New Era March 7th-8th, 2020 3rd 3rd Sharp
CEO Dreamland 2020 March 13th-15th, 2020 65th 33rd Tong
Hitpoint Online Tournament: UltimateOnline April 5th, 2020 13th
Ultimate Naifu Wars 9Online April 17th, 2020 33rd
The Quarantine Series: Minor Tournament 1Online April 18th-19th, 2020 49th
BESTNEXPO: MASH OFFOnline April 24th, 2020 5th
Pound OnlineOnline April 24th-26th, 2020 3rd
The Quarantine Series: Major Tournament 1Online May 2nd, 2020 17th
The BoxOnline May 8th-10th, 2020 65th
Smash the Router 2Online May 16th, 2020 3rd
King of WiFi Random CharactersOnline May 30th, 2020 65th
Ultimate Naifu Wars 12Online June 12th, 2020 33rd
Fight For Rights: An East Coast Edition Charity EventOnline June 14th, 2020 2nd
The Box: Lunch Box 1Online June 24th 2020 25th
Ultimate Naifu Wars 13Online June 27th, 2020 17th
Get On My Line 2020Online July 25th-26th, 2020 9th
Uncivil War: 1st EditionOnline August 14th, 2020 13th
The Box: Lunch Box 3Online August 26th, 2020 13th
Flat Realm 8Online August 28th, 2020 7th
Galaxy GambitOnline September 3rd, 2020 13th
M-Kolosseum 2Online September 5th, 2020 7th
Juice Box 14Online September 23rd, 2020 9th
Maister's RNG InvitationalOnline September 25th, 2020 13th
The Box: Lunch Box 4Online September 30th, 2020 17th
Juice Box 16Online October 14th, 2020 5th
PRYDE + HONOR 1Online October 16th, 2020 17th
Juice Box 17Online October 21st, 2020 9th
The Box: L4st's BoxOnline October 28th, 2020 17th
Smash Out Breast CancerOnline October 30th-31st, 2020 9th
Xanadu Online 378Online November 3rd, 2020 1st
Juice Box 18Online November 4th, 2020 17th
Juice Box 19Online November 11th, 2020 25th
Ultimate 32Online November 14th-15th, 2020 25th
Juice Box 20Online November 18th, 2020 7th
The Box: Lunch Box 6Online November 25th, 2020 17th
Mount Phenom ZeroOnline November 28th-29th, 2020 4th
Juice Box 21Online December 2nd, 2020 9th
Juice Box 22Online December 9th, 2020 33rd
Juice Box 23Online December 16th, 2020 17th
HABBY Birthday 2020Online December 19th-20th, 2020 7th
The Box: Lunch Box 7Online December 23rd, 2020 7th
Juice Box 24Online January 6th, 2021 33rd
Get Clipped 7Online January 9th, 2021 3rd
Juice Box 25Online January 13th, 2021 49th
Frame Perfect Series 4: ONLINEOnline January 17th, 2021 7th
Juice Box 26Online January 20th, 2021 13th
The AirlockOnline February 13th, 2021 65th
The Box: Lunch Box 9Online February 24th, 2021 13th
The Box: Lunch Box 10Online March 31st, 2021 13th
Super Galaxy Gambit x CollisionOnline April 3rd, 2021 4th
Lockhart Series 2Online April 11th, 2021 5th
The Box: Juicebox+Online April 21st, 2021 25th
Proving Grounds InvitationalOnline April 22nd, 2021 7th
The Box: Lunchbox+Online April 28th, 2021 17th
SWT: NA Southeast Ultimate Online Qualifier Last Chance QualifierOnline May 15th-16th, 2021 9th
SWT: NA Southeast Ultimate Online QualifierOnline May 15th-16th, 2021 13th
Get On My Line 2021 North AmericaOnline June 26th-27th, 2021 3rd
The Box: Lunch Box 12Online June 30th, 2021 13th
The Box: Lunch Box 13Online July 28th, 2021 9th
Riptide September 10th-12th, 2021 129th
The Grind 156 September 24th, 2021 9th
Glitch 8.5 - Konami Code September 24th-26th, 2021 33rd
Low Tide City 2021 October 1st-3rd, 2021 49th
CEO 2021 December 3rd-5th, 2021 65th
Smash World Tour 2021 Last Chance Qualifier December 17th, 2021 65th
GENESIS 8 April 15th-17th, 2022 49th
Bamboo Battles: Smash Ultimate 67Online May 9th, 2022 33rd
CEO 2022 June 24th-26th, 2022 25th
Double Down 2022 July 8th-10th, 2022 97th 17th MVD
Super Smash Con 2022 August 11th-14th, 2022 97th 25th ChocoTaco

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