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This is a list of the staff involved with the game Super Smash Bros. The game and its follow-up Super Smash Bros. Melee feature extended versions of their credit rolls in which the credited personnel are matched to their specific roles (for example, the voice actors are matched to the characters they portrayed) [1].

Game design, planning, and direction[edit]

Program management system[edit]

  • Yoshiki Suzuki


Playable characters

  • Yoshiki Suzuki

Libraries, maps, displays, special effects,
one-player games, bosses, and Training Modes

  • Kouichi Watanabe

Character and game mode select screens, rankings, opening,
screen adjustments, and backup RAM

  • Yasuyuki Nagashima

Items, devices, Sound Test, credit roll, and title screen

  • Yoshimi Takahashi

Special moves for Pikachu and Ness

  • Katsuhiro Sakoda

Special moves for Link, Kirby, Yoshi, and Captain Falcon

  • Yoshiya Taniguchi

Computer-controlled players

Test version programming and program support

  • Satoru Iwata

Design management[edit]

  • Tsuyoshi Wakayama

HAL Laboratory design team[edit]

Motion coaching

  • Masahiro Sakurai

Mario, Luigi, Fox, Yoshi, Pikachu, Kirby, and Jigglypuff models;
Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi motions

  • Hitoshi Kikkawa

DK, Samus, Captain Falcon, Link, and Ness models;
DK and Link motions; motion capture acting

  • Junsuke Sugiura

Samus motions, 1P start screen, and training screen

  • Satoko Nakamura

Samus, DK, Fox, Kirby, Pikachu, and boss maps

  • Tadashi Hashikura

Menus, character select screen, mark, and title designs;
Mario, Yoshi, and Classic Mario maps

  • Michiko Takahashi

Mario, DK, Samus, and Fox motion support; Yoshi damage motions

  • Akio Hanyu

Fox, Kirby, and boss motions; motion capture data conversion

  • Isao Takahashi

Pikachu motions; Fox and Samus damage motions

  • Youichi Sukino


  • Satoko Nakamura
  • Kazu Ozawa

Opening and bonus stage maps

  • Kunio Watanabe

Pokémon model confusion design support

  • Shigeru Hashiguchi

Special effects

  • Satoko Nakamura
  • Tadashi Hashikura
  • Kunio Watanabe

Bonus stage map support

  • Hitoshi Kikkawa
  • Junsuke Sugiura
  • Akio Hanyu
  • Isao Takahashi

Creatures Inc. design team[edit]

Pikachu and maps

  • Takeshi Iizuka


  • Nachi Sugiyama
  • Ryuta Kusumi

Other designers[edit]

Falcon, Ness, and Jigglypuff motions

  • Tatsuhiko Oi
  • Masaya Akiyama
  • Senji Hirose
  • Eriko Suzuki

Pikachu and Ness damage motions

  • C. Shane Allala

Music composition and arrangement[edit]

Project support[edit]

  • Hisatoshi Takeuchi

Voice acting[edit]

Mario and Luigi


  • Nobuyuki Hiyama (ARTSVISION)


Kirby and Ness

  • Makiko Ohmoto (AONI Productions)


  • Shinobu Satouchi (AONI Productions)

Pikachu and Starmie (uncredited)

  • Ikue Ootani (EZAKI Productions)

Captain Falcon

  • Ryo Horikawa (AONI Productions)


  • Rachael Lillis (English)
  • Mika Kanai (ARTSVISION) (Japanese)
  • Gulaine Gibert (French)
  • Mara Winzer (German)

Announcer and Master Hand (uncredited)

  • Jeff Manning (Mickey's Company) (English and Japanese)
  • J. M. Delhausse (French)
  • Frank Wölfen (German)

Venusaur (uncredited)

  • Eric Stuart (English)
  • Ryuzaburo Otomo (81 Produce) (Japanese)

Charmander (uncredited)

  • Michael J. Haigney (English)
  • Shin'ichiro Miki (81 Produce) (Japanese)

Charizard (uncredited)

  • Shin'ichiro Miki (81 Produce)

Blastoise (uncredited)

  • Eric Stuart (English)
  • Unsho Ishizuka (AONI Productions) (Japanese)

Clefairy (uncredited)

  • Tara Jayne (English)
  • Mayumi Iizuka (Yaegaki Office) (Japanese)

Onix (uncredited)

  • Unsho Ishizuka (AONI Productions)

Hitmonlee (uncredited)

  • Katsuyuki Konishi (Ken Productions)

Koffing (uncredited)

  • Michael J. Haigney (English)
  • Unsho Ishizuka (AONI Productions) (Japanese)
  • Thomas Rau (German)

Chansey (uncredited)

  • Rachael Lillis (English)
  • Mayumi Iizuka (Yaegaki Office) (Japanese)
  • Ulrike Jennie (German)

Goldeen (uncredited)

  • Veronica Taylor (English)
  • Ikue Ootani (EZAKI Productions) (Japanese)

Snorlax (uncredited)

  • Michael J. Haigney (English)
  • Katsuyuki Konishi (Ken Productions) (Japanese)

Mew (uncredited)

  • Koichi Yamadera (Haikyo)

Original Game Staff[edit]

Design of various games

Mario, Luigi, Link, and DK designs

  • Shigeru Miyamoto

Mario, Luigi, Link, and Yoshi source models

  • Yoshiaki Koizumi

Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda,
and Star Fox 64 sound composition

Samus original design

  • Hiroji Kiyotake

Super Metroid CG design

  • Tomoyoshi Yamane

Donkey Kong Country sound composition;
rendered 3-D Donkey Kong design

Metroid sound composition

  • Hirokazu Tanaka

Yoshi's Story sound composition

Yoshi's Story production advisor

  • Takashi Tezuka

Yoshi original design

  • Shigefumi Hino

Kirby Super Star sound composer

  • Jun Ishikawa

Star Fox 64 director

  • Takao Shimizu

Fox and Captain Falcon designs

  • Takaya Imamura

Pokémon game designer and director

  • Satoshi Tajiri

Pokémon Stadium source modeling chief

  • Benimaru Itoh

Pikachu source model

  • Makoto Wada

Jigglypuff source model

  • Hikaru Jinguji

F-Zero X sound composer

  • Taro Bando

Pokémon products supervisor;
Pokémon and EarthBound producer

  • Tsunekazu Ishihara

EarthBound producer, title, story concept, and advisor

Nintendo of America localization staff[edit]

  • Bill Trinen
  • Michelle Powers
  • Greg Richardson

Nintendo of Europe staff[edit]

  • Claude M. Moyse
  • Marcus Pfiztner
  • John D. Kraft
  • Patrick R. Fabri
  • Keiko Okamoto

French localization team

  • Julien Bardakoff
  • Jean-Baptiste Fleury

Special thanks[edit]

Editorial support

  • Tetsuya Notoya

Model converter programming

  • Jun Yamazaki
  • Chiharu Itoh

SGI support

  • Yoshiaki Shinohara

Data support

  • Sigezo Kawase

Motion capture sound effects and opening

  • Shinya Takahashi
  • Tsuyoshi Watanabe

Sound effects data

  • Yoshiyuki Tagawa

Debug and assessment

  • Super Mario Club
  • HAL Debug Team

Super Mario Club debug support

  • Shingo Okamoto

Additional debug support

  • Satoshi Ishida
  • Chieko Obikane

Game balance support

  • HAL Debug Team

US Pokémon voices

  • 4Kids Productions

Project and traffic management[edit]

  • Ryuki Kuraoka

Progress management; sales schedule[edit]

  • Kimiyoshi Fukui



  • Hiroaki Suga

Negotiation chief

Diplomacy and advice

  • Kenji Miki
  • Kensuke Tanabe
  • Yasuhiro Sakai

Production and direction advisor

Executive producer[edit]

  • Hiroshi Yamauchi

President, Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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