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Shigesato Itoi

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Shigesato Itoi
Shigesato Itoi.jpg
Mr. Itoi next to a large Mr. Saturn plush.
Born (age 75)
Maebashi, Gunma Japan
Occupation Author, voice actor, copywriter, game designer

Shigesato Itoi (糸井重里 Itoi Shigesato, born November 10, 1948) is a Japanese copywriter and essayist, best known (particularly outside Japan) as the creator of the EarthBound series, which is where characters such as Ness and Lucas originate. He was also part of the original development team for Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee under HAL Laboratory.

Itoi co-owns the rights to EarthBound characters, and as such he is the only individual credited by name on the title screen of every Smash game.

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