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Ultimate main Random
SSB4 mains Mario, Wario
Other SSB4
Donkey Kong, Random
Brawl main Random
Melee mains Samus, Dr. Mario
Other Melee
SSB64 mains C. Falcon, Fox
Other SSB64
Mario, Yoshi
Project M mains Link, Bowser
Other Project M
Skill Other Nunyobizniss.
Additional info
Birth date (age 24)
NNID AnUglyBarnacle
3DS Code 5301-0385-3871
Location SoCal USA

"You know...there has always been one thing that I always hated about Super Smash Bros. 54.
RD shoots himself."

~ReiDemon on Smash Wiki IRC.


~King K. Rool from dat damn Donkey Kong Country cartoon.

The Greatest Page on the Internet.


Oh, you want to know some info? Okay, I started playing Smash ever since its first release on the N64. Back then, the only series I was really into was Mario, mainly because Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World for the SNES was the first game that I ever played, and it was great.

I believe it was around Christmas of '01 where I got the amazing Super Smash Bros. Melee; it was such an improvement over the original. The gameplay was faster and more fun, the items were outta control, the new stages were great (not to mention you can unlock some of the old ones from the original), and the character roster was amazing, along with all the new options. I heard complaints that some of these characters are "clones", in that they have very similar moves to other characters (Mario and Dr. Mario), but I don't really have any problem with that, 'cause I like Dr. Mario better than Regular Mario anyways, even the tier list does, although, I do pick Mario if I'm up against a fast character, like Captain Falcon, but at the price of losing a truly reliable finisher (forward smash doesn't cut it, even though it's great for ending combos). My older brother used to want to keep playing it. "Bring Super Smash Bros. Melee". Too bad the disc is horribly scratched for some reason and the game keeps stopping. I miss those days...

Then, in March 10th, 2008 (one day after its North American release), it happened, I got Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The very picosecond me and my brother saw the box, my brother ran to the Wii, took out Super Paper Mario (he already beat it, as I did in my own file, he was just playing because he was bored), took Brawl out of its case, and put it in the Wii. The instant we started playing, my brother selected the "Brawl" mode, without even taking time to unlock other things or trying out other modes. In the very first match we played, I was a fat penguin with a hammer and my brother was some annoying psychic boy. We played on some retarded stage that I hate and he won. After about 4 or 5 matches, I had to unlock some other annoying psychic boy as some monkey who throws bananas and shoots peanuts through wooden cylinders or someone who has no friends, I don't really remember. I said "I" because I pwned my brother in the last match. I won, which is either a good thing or bad thing, because now I have two annoying psychic boys. Like five matches later, some Jap named after a planet in Japan who has a sword that doesn't look like what it's called wants my @$$, so I beat him with my pwnage too. The next day, my brother tried out the Stage Builder mode. He created some atrocity called "HARDLAND", which wasn't really hard, after that, I made some horrible stage my brother called "ANCIENT UGLY", it has music from Pikmin 2. After that and a couple of more rounds in Brawl, we decided to check out the story mode. In a nutshell, the story is that everyone has to kill some evil angel ghost dude who wants to take over the world for some reason. It wasn't until like five days later my brother played the new Classic Mode, and he and I beat some Challenges. He beat all the Event Matches on hard, including the last one with a HUGE Mario, a character who's 3D games suck, and a character who the majority of Wii owners don't know/don't give a sh*t about/haven't played any of his games, it's like the last one in Melee with Bowser in mofo mode, a character who ROCKS but almost no one plays competitively with, and someone who's mad because YOU CAME INTO HIS LAIR. I like to think of him as Mega Mario, like in New Super Mario Bros. DS. Fortunately, I PWNED my brother's record with a FREAKING ROBOT.

After a bunch of sh*t no one cares about, I finally beat the game in terms of collecting (beating all the challenges and junk) on September 2009. My last challenge was to get all the sticky paper, in order to do that, I made some retarded custom stage just so I get them, that fat turtle dragon thing's FAIYAH PAOWAH and CLAWS were used non-stop for the entire match while knowing I'll still win anyways. It soon worked, because after like 7 eternities (I counted) I finally got the message saying that I got all the sticky paper, and all the ACTION FIGURES, but nothing about how I beat all the Challenges, which sucks.

I believe my last trophy in Melee was the Raccoon Mario trophy. I got it in the Lottery using 1 coin. LOL.

I'm currently planning on getting into the tournament atmosphere in any of the three Smash games, particularly Melee, even though I kinda suck at it, due to the crap skill of my opponents. I even host and join online Wi-Fi matches, so if ya wanna battle me, there's my FC up there.

I had a GAME BOY Color, but I can't find it.

When the special Smash 3DS demo came out, I played the fuck out of it with my brother. I got the full game the day it came out. (The first thing I did was play Classic mode with Shulk, because Xenoblade was badass.) Same with the Wii U version. I remember how on that version, I beat Logic on For Gloryhole, both his Diddy and Olimar, with Mario. Well, at least it said Logic, with the VGBC tag that has the British pound sign. I also almost beat Ryo. Does this mean I'm at least decent?

Evidently, I was one of the first people to discover frame canceling for Falco, as this post I made in a Falco thread documents. Even though no one seemed to give a shit about my post, it does feel good to be one of the first.

My first and only in-person tourney was in June 2016 at a local swapmeet. It had about 50 players. I came in 2nd place, losing to the most annoying character in the game. We were basically last hit, last stock on Omega Wily Castle, he was offstage, and I tried to Cape him. Unfortunately, I mistimed the Cape and got blown the fuck out by PKT2. Earlier that day, I bought a Sega Saturn from the TO before the tourney started, and for my nice loser's run all the way to Grand Finals, he gave me Bug!, Virtua Cop 2, and Clockwork Knight 2 for free, so at least some good came out of it.

Speaking of Sega Saturn, I like retrogaming. I've been doing a lot of it lately, playing stuff from 6th gen (of which I own all the systems now) and earlier. Fun.

Weird glitch or whatever I found (Brawl)

I accidentally found this weird glitch for Link and Toon Link where when you get a projectile (like their bombs), run, and do a DACUS, they'll slide a little, throw the item, but then they'll do their animation for when they're throwing up, however, the item will be thrown in front of you like normal. Doing this seems to be even faster than JCTing, so if you're in a tight situation, and need to do do things FAST, this seems like a good technique, however, because I lack teh #4><002≥, like that frame-by-frame hack, I'm not entirely sure.

That sucks

So I finally beat Event 51 in Melee without dying on June 11th or some shit, but since I got my new Wii (old one fucked up), I forgot change the date, so now it says I did it on January 2009. Sucks.

Oh yeah, and in case you're interested, I beat them by making them walk the plank! ARRGH!!



At least it was an honorable sacrifice.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Snapshots

Pics I took in Smash Bros. Brawl.

Fox gets hit by a kart.
ROB senses danger...
Resetti is always talking about himself.
Diddy Kong is a funny monkey.

Yeah, there are only four excluding the Pit picture above. I actually got these off my brother's flickr account. I took all these pictures, but he just took the SD card and uploaded them. I could just post a link there...which is what I'm gonna do. Click here. I still have more great snapshots, I just forgot how to upload them. Oh well...