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Team:IlluZion Gaming

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IlluZion Gaming
Logo of IlluZion Gaming
Location North Carolina, United States USA
Owners Mihir Khadri
Davis Britt
Sponsors/Partners Aporia Customs
Other games ARMS
Tekken 7
DragonBall FighterZ
Soul Calibur 6
Pokkén Tournament
Rivals of Aether

IlluZion Gaming (IluZ) is a professional esports organization based in North Carolina, USA. The team was founded on May 1st, 2011 by Mihir Khadri and Davis Britt. IlluZion Gaming previously had teams in more mainstream esports such as Fortnite, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch, but are now exclusively supporting fighting games and their communities.

In 2018, they started sponsoring players from the Super Smash Bros. community, with BONK! being their first sponsor. They further extended their roster in 2019 by signing many top smashers from the East Coast and the Washington State (Ismon being the exception, living in Texas). By the end of 2020, IlluZion Gaming also entered the Melee scene, by signing the Sheik player Spark on Halloween[1] and the Marth player LSD on January 6th, 2021. They also created an academy team.

Current smashers[edit]

Professional smashers[edit]

ID Name Game Main(s) Join Date
USA BONK! Aaron Marokivitz Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Meta Knight's stock icon in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
USA Bryce Bryce Becker Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KingDededeHeadSSBU.png 2019-02-03
USA Tra$h Koopa God Katu Lindsay-Garvey Super Smash Bros. Ultimate BowserJrHeadSSBU.png 2019-03-24
USA Juice Zamir Johnson Super Smash Bros. Ultimate FalcoHeadSSBU.png 2019-06-20
USA Enzo Aneudy Melendez Super Smash Bros. Ultimate JokerHeadSSBU.png 2019-07-18
USA Ismon Noah Gray Super Smash Bros. Ultimate WarioHeadSSBU.pngFalcoHeadSSBU.png 2020-01-28
USA Nicko Nicko Bonilla Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ShulkHeadSSBU.png 2020-09-02
USA Spark Zaid Ali Super Smash Bros. Melee SheikHeadSSBM.png 2020-10-31
Canada KnucklesUp Michael Vassos Super Smash Bros. Ultimate KingKRoolHeadSSBU.png 2021-03-09

Other smashers[edit]

  • USA ChocoTaco LucasHeadSSBU.png (Academy player, joined January 3rd, 2020)
  • USA Bankai ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSBU.pngPokemonTrainerHeadSSBU.png (Academy player, joined 2020)
  • USA Luna*// CloudHeadSSBU.png (Academy player, joined 2020)
  • USA D.O.M. ROBHeadSSBU.png (Academy player, joined 2020)
  • USA XLR8 YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png (Academy player, joined 2020)
  • USA skuniar CaptainFalconHeadSSBU.png (Academy player, joined 2020)
  • USA pigeonish_ PalutenaHeadSSBU.png (Academy player, joined 2020)
  • USA PreeM! InklingHeadSSBU.png (Academy player, joined 2020)
  • USA Primid FoxHeadSSBU.png (Graphic Designer, joined 2020)
  • USA Galactigal MarioHeadSSBU.pngSteve's stock icon. (Promotional artist, joined 2020)
  • USA ICON~ ChromHeadSSBU.png (Lead Graphic Designer, joined 2020)

Former smashers[edit]

Professional smashers[edit]

ID Name Game Main(s) Join Date Leave Date
USA Jakal Jude Harris Super Smash Bros. Ultimate WolfHeadSSBU.png 2019-09-18 2020-02-17
USA Pandarian Sierra Lund Super Smash Bros. Ultimate PokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.png 2020-03-20 2020-08-31
USA Epic_Gabriel Gabriel Romero Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ROBHeadSSBU.png 2020-06-13 2020-10-26
USA Jake Jake Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Steve's stock icon. 2021-03-15 2021-5-01
USA LSD Logan Dunn Super Smash Bros. Melee MarthHeadSSBM.png 2021-01-06 2021-07-08
USA Sonido Leon Green Super Smash Bros. Ultimate SonicHeadSSBU.png 2020-03-05 2022-06-29
USA yonni Yonnas Godissa Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Steve's stock icon. 2021-06-02 2021-12-06
Mexico Skyjay Juan Pablo Lozada Super Smash Bros. Ultimate IncineroarHeadSSBU.png 2022-07-06 unconfirmed

Other smashers[edit]

  • USA Trident BowserHeadSSBU.png (Video editor and photographer)
  • USA JoJoDaHoBo ToonLinkHeadSSBU.png (Academy player, joined 2020)

Other famous players[edit]

  • USA Adrian Aguiler (AstroNinja) ARMS top player and winner of two Nintendo ARMS North American Open back-to-back (2020)
  • USA Collin Jones (Ashgreninja1) Pokkén Tournament top player and senior world champion (2019)
  • USA Alex Strobel (CakeAssault KirbyHeadSSBU.png) Rivals of Aether top player, #1 in the world in spring 2020.

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