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Melee main Marth
Other Melee
Sponsor(s) Mazer Gaming
Skill Super Smash Bros. Melee Top level
Ranking Super Smash Bros. Melee SSBMRank 2022: 80th
Additional info
Real name David Coyne
Location New Hampshire United States

Kalvar is a smasher from New Hampshire who mains Marth in Melee. He is currently ranked 1st on the New Hampshire Power Rankings, 1st on the New England Power Rankings, and 80th on the SSBMRank 2022. He has wins over players such as Polish, Lucky, Magi, Colbol, Ryan Ford, Hax, Slox, and Drephen.

On January 27th, 2022, Kalvar was picked up by Mazer Gaming.[1]

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Apex 2015 January 30th-February 1st, 2015 273rd
The Big House 5 October 2nd-4th, 2015 257th
Shine 2016 August 26th-28th, 2016 65th
GUTS 4 November 11th-13th, 2016 9th 3rd Tartox
New England Melee Arcadian 1 December 11th, 2016 1st 2nd Arkouda
Royal Flush May 12th-14th, 2017 49th 13th Mafia
Get On My Level 2017 May 28th-30th, 2017 33rd 17th Mr. Lemon
Shine 2017 August 25th-27th, 2017 49th 25th Tartox
We Tech Those 3 January 3rd, 2018 4th 3rd Sora
GENESIS 5 January 19th-21st, 2018 49th 49th Heartstrings
The Gang Hosts a Melee Tournament February 3rd, 2018 7th 9th Wassabi
Nebulous Melee 115 February 24th, 2018 9th 2nd iBDW
MMOM bi-monthly #11 March 3rd, 2018 5th 2nd Arkouda
New Game Plus Ultra 22 March 6th, 2018 2nd 1st ThunderPaste
CT GamerCon 2 March 24th-25th, 2018 2nd 2nd th0rn
See Me On LAN March 31st, 2018 5th 3rd Arkouda
Fight Pitt 8 April 7th, 2018 9th
Pound Underground May 12th-13th, 2018 17th
Omega II June 16th-17th, 2018 17th
S@X 259 July 18th, 2018 9th
Short Hops July 21st, 2018 9th
EVO 2018 August 3rd-5th, 2018 65th
Super Smash Con 2018 August 9th-12th, 2018 33rd
S@X 263 August 15th, 2018 2nd
Shine 2018 August 24th-26th, 2018 25th
NYXL Pop-Up! December 22nd, 2018 13th
Mass Madness 25 January 5th, 2019 3rd 1st 2saint
GIGA HOG: Era January 26th, 2019 9th 2nd 2saint
GENESIS 6 February 1st-3rd, 2019 33rd 65th redrover
Mass Madness 26 February 16th, 2019 2nd 1st Joyboy
GIGA HOG 5 February 23rd, 2019 5th
The Gang Steals The Script March 9th, 2019 5th 7th SluG
NChi Ultra March 16th-17th, 2019 5th 3rd Magi
CT GamerCon 3 March 23rd-24th, 2019 5th 3rd 2saint
Fight Pitt 9 April 6th, 2019 5th 4th FatGoku
Pound 2019 April 19th-21st, 2019 25th 25th SluG
Mass Madness 27 May 11th, 2019 1st 1st Gossip
Cold Hard Smash 6 June 15th, 2019 13th 2nd Tartox
GIGA HOG: Reunion June 22nd, 2019 5th 1st Joyboy
GSS #116 June 24th, 2019 1st 1st glock in my toyota
Finally #20 June 28th-29th, 2019 1st
GSS #117 July 1st, 2019 1st 1st Arkouda
NGPR 25 July 9th, 2019 2nd
GSS #119 July 15th, 2019 1st
GHETTOWARMACHINE vs. The World July 17th, 2019 2nd
SSS 12.5 July 20th, 2019 1st
Smashing Grounds 21.4 July 25th, 2019 2nd 1st Joyboy
Smashing Ground 21.5 August 1st, 2019 1st
Mass Madness 28 August 3rd, 2019 3rd
BAR 19.5 August 12th, 2019 1st
New England Invitational 3 August 18th-19th, 2019 1st
Shine 2019 August 23rd-25th, 2019 49th 33rd Tartox
Smash Camp: End of Summer September 14th-15th, 2019 17th R2DLiu
GIGA HoG: Back in the Saddle September 28th, 2019 3rd
The Big House 9 October 4th-6th, 2019 25th
Mass Madness 30 October 12th, 2019 1st
The MMOM Memorial November 9th-10th, 2019 5th 3rd JNaut
DreamHack Atlanta 2019 November 15th-17th, 2019 5th 17th Hax$
Garden State Smashdown December 21st, 2019 3rd
Finally #46 January 3rd, 2020 1st
SG Melee 1-9-2020 January 9th, 2020 1st
Mass Madness 31 January 11th, 2020 2nd 2nd Sokokopuffs
SG Melee 1-16-2020 January 16th, 2020 1st
GENESIS 7 January 24th-26th, 2020 65th 33rd Sokokopuffs
SG Melee 1-30-2020 January 30th, 2020 1st
Finally #50 January 31st, 2020 1st
SG Melee 2-6-2020 February 6th, 2020 1st
SSS 13.4 February 8th, 2020 3rd 1st Ok
SG Melee 2-13-2020 February 13th, 2020 1st
One Up Melee 02/19/20 February 19th, 2020 1st
Mass Madness 32 February 22nd, 2020 2nd 9th Twisty
Hax's Nightclub S1E9 February 26th, 2020 4th
Gucci Gang: Leap Year Edition February 29th, 2020 5th
NGPR 56 March 3rd, 2020 1st
SSS 13.5 March 7th, 2020 1st
PhoTaiMelee 1 March 11th, 2020 1st
SG Melee 3-12-2020 March 12th, 2020 4th
Waterville Smash Attack Dolphin Saga July 10th, 2021 1st 1st ghettowarmachine420
Riptide September 10th-12th, 2021 65th
CT Gamercon 4 September 18th-19th, 2021 4th 1st 2saint
Mass Madness 33 October 23rd, 2021 5th
SSS 14.2 November 13th, 2021 3rd 1st Tartox
Giga HoG: Homecoming November 20th, 2021 2nd 5th stocmoney
SSS 14.3 December 11th, 2021 2nd 5th glock in my toyota
GUMI February 19th, 2022 2nd
CT Gamercon 5 March 19th-20th, 2022 4th 1st Slox
Mass Madness 35 April 9th, 2022 2nd 3rd Arkouda
GENESIS 8 April 15th-17th, 2022 33rd
Pound 2022 April 22nd-24th, 2022 25th
Giga HoG: Redemption June 4th, 2022 9th
MMOM 2022 June 25th, 2022 4th 2nd DrLobster
Get On My Level 2022 July 1st-3rd, 2022 65th
The Trail Invitational 2 July 16th, 2022 7th
Mass Madness 36 July 30th, 2022 2nd
Shine 2022 August 26th-28th, 2022 13th 17th Tartox
Riptide 2022 September 9th-11th, 2022 33rd
The Big House 10 October 7-9th, 2022 129th
Apex 2022 November 18th-20th, 2022 17th 13th vortex
Mainstage 2022 December 2nd-4th, 2022 33rd
GENESIS 9 January 20th-22nd, 2023 65th 33rd Silver
Collision 2023 March 10th-12th, 2023 49th 33rd Julzz
CT Gamercon 6 March 18th-19th, 2023 5th 9th Julzz
Low Tide City 2023 May 13th-14th, 2023 9th 13th Julzz
Get On My Level 2023 July 21st-23rd, 2023 17th / 764

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