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Terry down special hitbox visualizations
Rising Hits
Variation Non-Input Input
Weak TerryDSpecialUpWeak.gif TerryDSpecialUpWeakInput.gif
Strong TerryDSpecialUpStrong.gif TerryDSpecialUpStrongInput.gif
Falling Hits
Weak TerryDSpecialDownWeak.gif
Strong TerryDSpecialDownStrong.gif
Meteor Smash TerryDSpecialDownSpike.gif


Terry rises up with a knee strike before descending with a punch to perform Power Dunk. Power Dunk is often stereotyped as the main followup from the second hit of neutral attack, thanks to its easy-to-perform nature and the strength of the move making it somewhat spammable. Power Dunk can be inputted with →↓↘ + Attack/Special.

Ronin X performing Tiger Knee Power Dunk to start a combo from non-tumble hitstun, leading into a long, brutal combo involving a drag-down Crack Shoot.

Being just frame 6 — with intangibility on the command input variants and a gigantic disjoint to boot — Power Dunk is a strong, safe-on-startup option in many situations, giving Terry a good option to beat out projectiles and opposing disjointed moves. Since the late hit of Power Dunk can deal non-tumble hitstun at 0% with massive hit advantage, Terry can often combo out of it with something like neutral attack or down tilt to deal well over 50%[1]. This can be a potentially massive punish to opponents trying to wall Terry out immediately. Even after this, a grounded meteor smash will give Terry sizable stage control anyway, allowing him to enter an advantage state or even set up a ledgetrap situation.

Infamously, Power Dunk is one of the most common and reliable followups to neutral attack, but by SDIing in, players can avoid it. Terry does, however, have counterplay to this. The first is by only using the first hit of neutral attack, which gives the opponent two less opportunities to input SDI. The second, and by far most effective, is delaying the cancel[2], which due to Ultimate's jostle mechanics, will counteract any SDI the opponent inputted, allowing Power Dunk to remain a consistent followup.

If inputted via the Tiger Knee technique, Power Dunk can also autocancel, making it neutral on shield and more difficult for some characters to deal with, particularly if used as a way to reset the neutral game. The neutrality on shield makes neutral attack a great follow-up option for catching out of shield options, catching trading with Mr. Game & Watch's frame 3 Fire. Power Dunk also deals massive shield damage — 14.994 HP, a good portion of the shield, regardless of weak or strong if inputted with a command — all while having an ambiguous cross-up and prior hits to consider. If the late hit connects, which most frequently happens with Tiger Knee, this improves to 27.013 HP damage, which is just over half a shield, allowing for forward tilt into Burning Knuckle to guarantee a shield break. Forward tilt into weak Power Dunk on shield will frequently shield poke opponents without large shields. Due to the strong hit's sluggish frame data around the time the "dunk" happens, it's best to strictly use the weak version of Power Dunk to mess with shields.

Power Dunk is a serviceable, decently guarded recovery option, giving Terry solid distance when flying down. However, as with most "high" recoveries, it can be easily telegraphed and intercepted by the opponent, so it's best used reactively to make use of the intangibility. It's also deceptively vulnerable to being contested by disjointed attacks, such as those from swordfighters like Corrin, which have excellent juggling capabilities. The meteor smash is an enticing aspect of using Power Dunk to recover, allowing for a reverse edgeguard. Power Dunk can be used to jump past the ledge in some niche situations to try and hit a budding ledgetrapper, though missing is often an SD. It is a decent — albeit very committal — option for getting off the ledge too though, thanks to the intangibility making Terry difficult to trap with lingering hitboxes.

Power Dunk can be used to edgeguard, especially if set up with forward tilt, allowing for a Power Dunk meteor smash at around 50%. However, it can be difficult to recover thereafter in some situations, which can lead to a dire situation if the "dunk" whiffs. Ergo, this shouldn't be considered a standard play. Outside of this, Power Dunk is a very unwieldy and dangerous move to edgeguard with, and using it is generally discouraged unless one has a solid plan in mind.


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