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Team:Down B Collaborations

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Not to be confused with Down special move, commonly known as a Down B.
Down B Collaborations
Official logo of Down B Collaborations
Location Saint Paul, United States USA
Owners Samuel Mihelich (Wisely)
Other games Rivals of Aether

Down B Collaborations (Down B or dB) is a Smash organization, sponsor and crew based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Down B was started by Jaaahsh and Wisely in December of 2015 to give Minnesota a group to predominantly run its events with strong tournament organizational knowledge at its core, and to give Minnesota a name in the Smash Scene at large. With appearances across the nation, Down B has helped run many events including Showdown: Battle Royale 3, each Smash 'N' Splash, various Combo Breakers and the modern GENESIS events. Down B Collaborations is currently inactive as of 2020.

Current Smashers[edit]

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  • The name Down B is a humorous reference to how commonly used both Jaaahsh's and Wisely's mains' down specials are in competitive play. [1]

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