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List of updates (SSBU)/1.2.0 changelog

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This is the list of known changes in version 1.2.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


  • Bug fix Invisible Bomb glitch has been removed. Link is mainly affected by this change, though Young Link and Toon Link are technically affected as well.
  • Bug fix It is no longer possible to z-drop items out of hitstun. This change mainly nerfs Pac-Man and other characters that can use items in their moveset.
  • Bug fix The x0.85 shorthop aerial damage multiplier when doing shorthop → land → fullhop → aerial has been removed.


  • Bug fix After copying Pac-Man's Bonus Fruit, Key will no longer be discarded when it is recycled.


  • Bug fix The plunger from his grab aerial now disappears when used while crossing a platform instead of getting stuck inside it.



  • Bug fix A visual glitch with Greninja's screen KO has been fixed.


  • Bug fix Bonus Fruit's Key will no longer be discarded when it is recycled.
  • Nerf The universal change removing the ability to Z-drop items out of hitstun reduces Pac-Man's ability to get out of combos when holding a Bonus Fruit.
  • Bug fix Dash grab changes Pac-Man's facial expression like his other grabs.