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And I quote:

"WORST IDEA EVER- I'm sorry but IDK if I'm even coming back"
~Crystal_Lucario 12:04, 29 February 2008 (UTC)



Hiya! I'm Randall, a Sysop here at SmashWiki and a dedicated article writer/cleaner-upper in the field of tournament and community-related editing. In addition to tying together a lot of community history through the Category:Smashers portal, I also wrote the bulk of the Luigi (SSBM) article and threw together SmashWiki: Smasher Project, which should effectively standardize all smasher article formatting and help cleanup the official SmashWiki representation of competitors worldwide.

The quote at the top of my page reflects my sentiment about an executive decisions that occurred without consulting SmashWiki community members regarding a sudden and unexpected merge with the Super Smash Bros. Wikia. The mess caused by this action inspired an additional project located at SmashWiki:Post-Merge Cleanup in an attempt to restore some order, as there was clearly not a lot of foresight put into the ramifications of the merge.

As a sysop here, I am capable of the base administrative tasks such as protecting sensitive pages from reckless editing, banning repeat vandals and deleting unnecessary pages, but I'm also a good person to ask questions about the wiki, how to improve an article and a wide variety of the technical nuances that make this encyclopedia an effective media presentation of smash history. If you have any questions at all, I will answer them if I can and if I happened to be responsible for deleting a page that you have created, I will happily explain why if you leave a note on my talk page. Though for the record, I respond better to polite inquiries than I do to "WTFYOUDELETEMYPAGEIH8U!!!"

I've also opted to use this userpage space to maintain a series of Smash-related lists that I've been trying to keep straight in my head forever. It includes the kinds of things that smashers always want to tell other smashers but nobody wants to hear, such as a list of primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, etc. characters that I play. Again, generally people don't care if Dr. Mario is your fourteenth-best character, but for posterity I like to keep track of my own progress in learning the game as a whole and I'm a numbers person, so I like tracking arbitrary top 10 lists and meaningless statistics. Besides, on occasion I will offhandedly mention how Pikachu is my second worst character and people will almost always ask who's the worst. Well, here's the place to find out. Mostly these lists will be used by me for my own reference and will change subtlely over time, but if you find yourself entertained by them, I can't very well tell you not to read them--but I warn is a waste of your time.

Arbitrary RJM Lists & Statistics

Strongest SSBM Characters

This list documents all characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee listed in the order in which I am best capable of playing them. However, the list only reflects my skill level within the scope of potential that the character possesses. For example, although I'm sure my Link could defeat my Young Link in an actual match pitted against one another, I have a better understanding of Young Link and the tools he possesses and he therefore appears higher on the list.

  1. Luigi
  2. Young Link
  3. Fox
  4. Mario
  5. Dr. Mario
  6. Falco
  7. Ness
  8. Link
  9. Roy
  10. Marth
  11. Captain Falcon
  12. Ice Climbers
  13. Ganondorf
  14. Peach
  15. Zelda
  16. Mr. Game & Watch
  17. Bowser
  18. Jigglypuff
  19. Yoshi
  20. Kirby
  21. Pichu
  22. Pikachu
  23. Mewtwo
  24. Donkey Kong
  25. Samus
  26. Sheik

Strongest SSB Characters

This list documents all characters in Super Smash Bros. (N64) listed in the order in which I am best capable of playing them. My knowledge of the competitive game is not as comprehensive as I once thought it was and since it's rather fallen out of fashion, the list may or may not be concurrent with my current 64 Smash abilities.

  1. Luigi
  2. Mario
  3. Fox
  4. Captain Falcon
  5. Kirby
  6. Ness
  7. Pikachu
  8. Yoshi
  9. Jigglypuff
  10. Link
  11. Donkey Kong
  12. Samus

Unofficial Fan Club Memberships

A list of my favourite competitive smashers, loosely arranged into lists and likely in severe need of updating.

  1. Gimpyfish
  1. Isai
  2. MachDash
  1. Steve
  2. Captain Jack
  3. pkmvodka
  1. Bob$
  2. SmashMac
  1. Forward
  2. Bombsoldier
  3. ChaoZ
  1. LuninSpectra
  2. SpaceFalcon
  1. Kage
  2. 1233
  3. NoobKing
  1. Chu Dat
  2. Domo
  3. MICH
  1. Mango
  2. The King
  3. AOB
  1. t!mmy
  1. Aniki
  1. Thunders
  2. Luigi Ka-master
  3. ROFL
  1. silversh4dow
  1. Ken
  2. Tani
  3. Neo
  4. MikeMonkey
  1. Taj
  1. DireVulcan
  1. Simna ibn Sind
  1. Neptune Eclipse
  1. Neo
  1. SHWN
  1. Fumi
  1. Caveman

Luigi Match-Ups - As Far As I Know

My running list of Luigi matchups in order from most difficult to least. Gotta keep a tally on these things, you know.

  1. Peach
  2. Samus
  3. Sheik
  4. Marth
  5. Falco
  6. Ganondorf
  7. Captain Falcon
  8. Jigglypuff
  9. Ice Climbers
  10. Pikachu
  11. Fox
  12. Zelda
  13. Dr. Mario
  14. Mario
  15. Link
  16. Ness
  17. Luigi
  18. Mr. Game & Watch
  19. Roy
  20. Bowser
  21. Donkey Kong
  22. Kirby
  23. Yoshi
  24. Young Link
  25. Pichu
  26. Mewtwo

Luigi Match-Ups - As Far As I Can Actually Play

Whereas the above list reflects my opinion on how Luigi as a character stands up at the top level of play against other characters, this list reflects how my Luigi fairs against the highest level of competition that I face on a regular basis. In other words, the top of this list reflects the character that I have the most difficult time fighting (Peach) and descends down to Donkey Kong, who I can beat pretty reliably.

  1. Samus
  2. Peach
  3. Sheik
  4. Falco
  5. Ganondorf
  6. Ice Climbers
  7. Jigglypuff
  8. Pikachu
  9. Captain Falcon
  10. Mr. Game & Watch
  11. Fox
  12. Zelda
  13. Marth
  14. Pichu
  15. Roy
  16. Link
  17. Ness
  18. Luigi
  19. Dr. Mario
  20. Mario
  21. Young Link
  22. Bowser
  23. Kirby
  24. Yoshi
  25. Mewtwo
  26. Donkey Kong


  • "If I ever become a cop or something, I'm going to have a huge advantage because I know jumping up and down makes you shoot your gun faster."
DDRKirby(ISQ), Has playing Smash hardcore increased your skill in other games?, 2006

Contact Info!

Wanna get ahold of me? It's extremely easy. The talk page is the simplest way from here, but any of the below methods will get to me in one form or another.

Wiki Activity

  • SmashWikidian since...
August 13th, 2006
  • First edit ever at SmashWiki...
10:04 - August 13th, 2006 - Category:Crews
  • 1000th edit...
16:05 - June 10th, 2007 - Gooey Bomb (update)
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11:39 - October 26th, 2007 - BloodBowler
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20:13 - December 27th, 2007 - SmashWiki:Smasher Project


This is a list of a few significant contributions I have made to SmashWiki. For a list of all contributions, see Special:Contributions/Randall00.





Tournaments and Events
Power Rankings


Other Web Activity

A personal home page that I have been running for about ten years now; it is also presented in a MediaWiki platform, though stylistically quite a bit different from this one. I describe the content as self-explanatory, in that "et cetera" is used to describe an extension of "more of the same" in reference to what list precedes it—and since my page is completely free form, stream-of-consciousness style content, the story behind the name frees me of any creative burdens associated with inhibiting what I choose to put there. If that makes sense at all.
The main hub of information for the Central Canada Smash Circuit and the largest smash-related web project I've undertaken thus far (toppling even the mighty SmashWiki]]). The website hosts win-loss statistics, media and tournament information for players across central Canada and ocasionally a litle bit beyond.

I appear on the internet in a wide variety of other forms and usually under the same user name. I have pretty active participation in all the trendy social networking sites like Facebook and the considerably-more-dreadful myspace. If you dig deep enough, you'll probably even find a bunch of instrumental guitar tracks I recorded for a couple of my own CDs back in the day, but that's not really going to apply to smash until I learn the squealin' speed rock guitar solo from Mute City.

Current Projects - The Neverending To-Do List...

This list is used as a personal reference for me to figure out what I've got on the go, but odds are there's quite a few things on this list that I'll never have the time for, so feel free to peruse the collection and act on them if you like. As this wiki can be edited by anyone, I can't very well "reserve" these tasks for myself (and don't wanna anyway).


For Cleanup
Future Templates
[[Template:Tia link]] to be integrated

Ongoing Tasks

A stable category tree for all articles will eventually need to be built from the ground up as well as have all existing categories melt smoothly into a standard formula.

Basic tasks such as fixing double redirects, moving articles to fit proper naming conventions and not to mention establishing what those naming conventions are in the first place.

Remove improperly copyrighted images, non-notable user-made banner images and clean out the unused images.


General Bookmarks

For Cleanup
For Deletion

To Be Merged
Future Articles

SmashWiki:Character Project

Future Articles


  • Current events
For Cleanup
Future Articles

SmashWiki:Smasher Project

For Cleanup
Future Articles

External Reference

Image Gallery

A small pile of the images I've contributed to SmashWiki.


This page layout was ruthlessly pilfered from Niaz, unlike my previous page layout which had been ported from my own Wikipedia user page, which I blatantly stole from Codu, who previously stole it mercilessly from Blankfaze, who would go on to be an unknowing celebrity of user page design amongst the SmashWiki community as his layout would later be shamelessly snatched by MaskedMarth shortly prior to being ganked by James Sparrow, whose layout would be guiltlessly yoinked by Fifty-six k, meanwhile revealing the true thieving nature of Ame$'s black heart as he stole Janitor's layout which had been previously swiped from mine.

As a matter of interest, Blankfaze himself doesn't even have a user page anymore.

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