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Global Smasher Compendium

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The Global Smasher Compendium, often abbreviated GSC, was a utility for Google Earth made for smashers by Simna ibn Sind. It displayed locations and information on smashers, venues, and tournaments all over the world. It was a popular way for smashers to find other players living nearby. The Global Smasher Compendium could be downloaded as a bundle package with Google Earth for both PC and Macintosh. It was discontinued in December of 2008.


The goal of the Global Smasher Compendium was to list as many smashers worldwide in one comprehensive directory as possible and effectively bring the members of the Super Smash Bros. community closer together. The Global Smasher Compendium was originally created in October of 2005 as an alpha test for selected smashers. Once 50 players had joined, the first beta version was released, and its potential as a worldwide directory was soon realized.

With the help of tio-programmer Nealdt, a second beta release of the GSC was upgraded to include a hassle-free automatic update system that is currently still in use.

At one time, the Global Smasher Compendium listed more than 1,000 smashers around the world with new members joining daily. It was both directly and indirectly responsible for expanding existing local competitive communities and creating entirely new ones as well.


When a smasher first joined the Global Smasher Compendium, a placemark consisting of their alias/name and a Smash Bros. character icon of their choice was added to the 3D Google Earth interface. The full profile only appeared when the character icon was double-clicked and included all of the details submitted upon joining including alias, name of crew(s), tournament venues, and any additional contact information or comments desired. Although not required, the GSC provided support for photographs to be displayed as well.

As well as smashers, the Global Smasher Compendium also listed venues for tournaments and smashfests and supported equally comprehensive information about each.

These placemarks represented locations of tournaments not being held at a smasher's home, locations that hold regular tournaments, and locations that had a Super Smash Bros. game available for casual play such as game lounges and LAN centers.

Rather than having an additional placemark, tournaments held in a smasher's home would be attached to that smasher's placemark info which could be accessed by clicking on their character icon.


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