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The hitbox of Pikachu's up aerial.

Pikachu swings its tail upwards, doing 8%-10% damage and low knockback, sending opponents horizontally on a moderately low angle (though not enough to be considered a semi-spike). The knockback of the move varies depending on which area of the tail it hits. Considered the best aerial in Smash 64 along with Captain Falcon's up aerial, as it is a incredible comboing move with a giant disjointed hitbox that can also deals very high shield stun. As it can cover Pikachu with a relatively safe range, players can space with this move and use it to stop opponent's approaches. The move can be used in a variety of combos such as a chain of up aerials that can also go offstage to edgeguard effectively (and is easy to recover from due to Pikachu's incredible recovery distance), can be used in a short hop and followed up by an up smash into a Thunder as a Thunderspike combo at moderate percentages, and can be followed up by more of Pikachu's versatile and disjointed aerials such as back aerial and down aerial, both of which can combo into another up aerial at lower percentages, or finish an edgeguard at moderate to higher percentages.

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