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The hitbox of Pikachu's Thunder.

The move's name is called Thunder. When used, Pikachu will yell out "Pika!", calling down a bolt of lightning from above. The lightning itself does 12% damage and vertical knockback; when the bolt reaches Pikachu, the contact will inflict a further 14% damage (for a total of 28% if the opponent was close to Pikachu) and massive horizontal knockback. The move, unlike its appearance in Melee and Brawl, has infinite vertical range. Pikachu players can then use a effective technique called "thunderspiking", where it uses Thunder to easily KO opponents when they are near the upper blast line, helping it to KO at much lower damage percentages. Many Pikachu players try using this technique in combos, most notably after a up smash. The move can additionally be used after an edge drop → jump, to cover the area around the edge as an edgeguarding technique, though this cannot be performed quickly, and Pikachu is mostly better off using its aerials.

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