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The hitbox of Pikachu's Thunder Jolt.

Pikachu drops a sphere of electricity, called a Thunder Jolt, diagonally downwards to the ground, doing 6%-10% damage and low knockback. When hitting on the ground, the Thunder Jolt instantly turns into an arcing wave of electricity that hops along the terrain's surface and deals slightly less damage and extremely low knockback. The projectile will wrap around corners and snake along walls and even ceilings if the corners are not too sharp and it lives long enough; it cannot wrap around the underside of soft platforms due to there being no ceiling to latch onto. This move can help against planking.

While a rather underused move, its useful for gimping other characters' recoveries such as Ness' PK Thunder projectile that can make him instantly helpless, or linear and/or predictable recoveries such as Fox's Fire Fox while in charging state or Captain Falcon's Falcon Dive that will be hindered even further by the gimp. The move also does some good hitstun on opponents as well, so it is also useful for stopping opponents' approaches, approaching in the air, or camping.

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