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The hitbox of Pikachu's fair

Pikachu drills itself forward while surrounding itself in electricity. The attack does 7 hits in total, and each hit does 3% damage; thus, the total amount of damage Pikachu can deal is 21%. As a drill attack, the move has very weak knockback, and while it has a great damage output if all the hits are landed, the opponent can easily SDI away to avoid this. This makes the move also lacking in combo ability; however, a neutral aerial or up aerial can be used immediately after the move on an aerial opponent, setting up an edgeguard or finishing off a combo. If Pikachu lands while using the move on an opponent and Z-cancelling it (as it has moderate landing lag otherwise), it can also potentially set up grabs and up tilts. This move is commonly considered one of Pikachu's least useful moves due to its overall lack of utility.

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