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The hitbox of Pikachu's d-tilt.

Pikachu does a tail sweep in front if itself, doing 12% and powerful semi-spike knockback. The move, like many of Pikachu's others moves, has disjointed range, though it does not combo as well as most of Pikachu's moves due to its angle and knockback limiting followup options. However, the knockback and angle of the move is useful for gimping other characters recoveries, especially the ones whose recoveries gives poor horizontal distances such as Captain Falcon and Samus. It can also chain into itself against a wall on Hyrule Castle. Additionally, at high percentages, it can be used while standing just above the "tent" portion of Hyrule Castle on an opponent to knock them into the greenhouse, then back to Pikachu, allowing an up smash to be used as a followup.

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