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The hitbox of Pikachu's up special.

This move is known as Quick Attack, where Pikachu travels in a direction, and can optionally travel in a second direction with warp speed. The direction of second warp must be at least 45 degrees different than the direction of the first warp. It deals no damage at all but is the best recovery move in the game as it covers a huge distance very quickly, making it hard to edgeguard Pikachu if it uses Quick Attack properly.

The already very long move can be extended. If the player lets the Control Stick snap back to the neutral position just before one of the warps ends, Pikachu will not lose its momentum after warping. This can be done with the first or second warp. It may be possible to do it with both, but then Pikachu will run a high risk of missing the second warp.

Ledge-stalling, where Pikachu continuously uses Quick Attack on the ledge and Captain Falcon can't harm it in any way.

Quick Attack is also known to have invincibility frames during the beginning and middle of the move. This makes the move an amazing combo breaker and OoS option, due to the first few frames not only allowing Pikachu to evade followup attacks from virtually every character, but also enabling Pikachu to get out of pressure with little difficulty. However, if a Pikachu player does not land the Quick Attack in a safe place, they are likely going to get punished due to Quick Attack's ending lag.

In addition to this, Pikachu players can use an technique called ledge-stalling, where it uses Quick Attack on the ledge for as long as it likes and Pikachu will be invincible of a infinite amount of time. This is performed by simply ledge dropping, jumping, and aiming Quick Attack straight down. The process then repeats. Another ledge-stalling method is to ledge drop and aim Quick Attack straight up, then straight down. This doesn't make Pikachu completely invincible, but it allows it to quickly grab the edge even while facing in the opposite direction, making it a useful edgehogging option.

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