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Leffen vs. Chillin (Apex 2015)

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My B.
Chillin, 2015
An image taken during Leffen and Chillin's Salty Suite match at Apex 2015.

Leffen vs. Chillin, often referred to as The 5-0 or My B, was a money match that took place at Apex 2015 between professional Super Smash Bros. Melee players Leffen and Chillin. Leffen defeated Chillin 5-0 in a series of first-to-five Fox dittoes, winning both $100 and the exclusive rights to Fox's default color skin, prohibiting Chillin from ever using Vanilla Fox in tournament ever again.

Leffen vs. Chillin is widely regarded as the most entertaining Salty Suite match and the greatest Melee exhibition match of all time, in large part due to the trash talk that preceded the event (which included "Respect Your Elders," a rap produced by Chillin before the tournament). The full set has over 1 million views on YouTube as of July 2023; is it the most viewed full Melee set of all time, and the first and only video to reach one million views.


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Leffen was considered one of the rising stars in the competitive Melee scene, recently ranked 6th on the 2014 SSBMRank. His skill level was seen as approaching that of the dominant Five Gods, having defeated four of the five in tournament within the past year: Hungrybox, Armada, PPMD, and Mango. Leffen was also known as an extremely outspoken competitor, frequently trash-talking other players in person and on social media; in 2013, he was banned from entering tournaments in his native Sweden for a year due to his behavior.[1] Chillin was a longtime veteran of the Melee scene, considered one of the best in the world during the MLG era and a major innovator of the Fox metagame, but was no longer as strong as he was in the past, ranked 26th on the 2014 SSBMRank.

The first notable conflict between Leffen and Chillin began on October 28th, 2014. Leffen, who was unsponsored at the time, posted a tweet arguing that Team Curse and Team Liquid had made poor decisions in signing veterans who rarely played anymore, Chillin, Ken, and KoreanDJ, to their professional roster.[2] Chillin, recently signed to Team Curse and a former competitor of Ken and KDJ, responded to Leffen's tweet by claiming that his sponsor had done fine by signing Hungrybox, who placed 2nd at EVO 2014, and himself, who placed 9th, the same place as Leffen.[3] Leffen then replied, "if your peak performance is as good as my by far worst this year, I don't think that's good enough."[4] In a separate thread, Leffen then tweeted, "picking someone because they were relevant 5 years ago in the smash doc isn't smart."[5]

The next day, Leffen posted a new tweet claiming that Chillin never won anything notable during his days as a top competitor.[6] Chillin then challenged Leffen to a money match at Apex 2015,[7], to which Leffen accepted.[8] He then added an additional wager, saying that the loser of the match could never use Fox's default color, often known as "vanilla Fox," in tournament ever again.[9][10]

Leffen speaks about his upcoming set vs. Chillin at Paragon Orlando 2015.

On January 18th, 2015, at Paragon Orlando 2015, Leffen spoke about his upcoming match with Chillin during an interview with D1. Leffen claimed that he would defeat Chillin 5-0, without letting him take a single game. He said that he would spend his time practicing to win Apex 2015 instead of practicing for Chillin, and that Chillin only cared about winning the money match because "he has no shot at winning Apex whatsoever, and he will probably never have a shot at winning a major, considering how long he's been playing and won absolutely nothing."[11] A cut segment of the interview was uploaded to YouTube the next day[12] and went viral on reddit.[13]

"Respect Your Elders"[edit]

On January 30th, 2015, one day before the start of Apex 2015, Chillin released a diss track titled "Respect Your Elders" on his YouTube channel,[14] with video production by PapaPaint and the beat produced by Brian Knapp. Set to the music from the stage Corneria, the video featured clips of Leffen getting beaten by other top players, including a recent defeat to Plup's Samus at Paragon Orlando. In the rap, Chillin claimed that his veteran experience would allow him to defeat Leffen. The release of "Respect Your Elders" helped to further increase the excitement leading up to the set.

The match[edit]

The money match between Leffen and Chillin was played on Saturday, January 31st, 2015, at Apex 2015, during VGBootCamp's Salty Suite, with Scar serving as emcee, and Prog and D1 commentating.[15] Leffen played with the red Fox color, while Chillin used Vanilla Fox. Before the match, Leffen was seen as the favorite to win, but most thought that Chillin would be able to win at least a couple of games in the first-to-five set; Melee It On Me analyst Tafokints predicted that Leffen would win the set 5-2.[16] However, Leffen easily demolished Chillin, winning five straight games to win the set 5-0. Even though game 2 and game 5 appeared close, it was clear that Leffen was sandbagging and not trying his best, as he repeatedly used Fox's bad moves on purpose (for example, spamming grounded lasers, spamming grounded Fox Illusions, and landing a combo with Fire Fox), giving away a "charity stock" after Chillin self destructed, taunting, and laughing throughout the entire set.[17]

Leffen's Character Stocks Taken Stage Chillin's Character Stocks Taken Score
FoxHeadSSBM.png 4 Dream Land FoxHeadSSBM.png 2 1-0
FoxHeadSSBM.png 4 Fountain of Dreams FoxHeadSSBM.png 3 2-0
FoxHeadSSBM.png 4 Fountain of Dreams FoxHeadSSBM.png 2 3-0
FoxHeadSSBM.png 4 Fountain of Dreams FoxHeadSSBM.png 2 4-0
FoxHeadSSBM.png 4 Final Destination FoxHeadSSBM.png 3 5-0

At the end of the set, Scar asked Chillin for his comments on what happened, and he responded with, "My B." Mango then challenged Leffen to a $1000 wager if they met in the singles bracket, which Leffen immediately accepted.[18]

Aftermath and legacy[edit]

Chillin's facial expressions became the subject of numerous Internet memes following the set.

Following his 5-0 victory over Chillin, Leffen tweeted, "Well, that was free as fuck, just as expected."[19] He went on to defeat Mew2King 2-1 in winners' quarters of Apex singles, becoming the first player ever to take a set off of all five of the Gods. He then faced Mango in winners' semis for their highly anticipated $1000 set. Leffen won the set 3-1, tying the record for the most money won from a money match (shared with Tafokints for his victory over Tian at Apex 2014). Leffen then lost to PPMD 2-3 in winners' finals, and Armada 1-3 in losers' finals, ending his tournament run at 3rd place.

Chillin placed 33rd at the event, losing to Larry Lurr and Zhu 0-2. Three days after the set, he made a reddit post talking about his experience with the money match.[20] In the post, Chillin said that he accepted the money match in part because he was excited to see old school rivalries return to the scene, as was common in Melee's early years, and that he wrote the diss track for fun and to create more hype for the event.

Leffen's demolition of Chillin, combined with his victory over Mango, further cemented his status as a "villain" within the Melee community. He continued to trash talk other players (most notably winning a $1000 match against SFAT at DreamHack Winter 2015, and challenging Westballz to a money match, which ultimately never happened).

Chillin's "My B" quote, along with various screenshots from the player cams during the set, have become popular internet memes.[21] Getting "My B'd" is often used to describe when a player loses a first-to-five tournament set or money match, especially when said player was previously confident in their victory.

The full set of Leffen vs. Chillin hold the title of most viewed Melee set of all time, eclipsing 1 million views as of January 2024, surpassing all other tournament sets. In the days after Apex, numerous highlight compilations of the set were posted to YouTube, each garnering hundreds of thousands of views. [22][23][24]

Chillin decided to use Fox's blue color in tournaments, after losing the rights to use the vanilla skin. However, in 2016, at The Big House 6, Chillin posted a tweet saying that Leffen told him "it's cool if I use vanilla fox."[25] He also tweeted a picture of him and Leffen smiling together,[26] indicating that their beef had largely died down.

"Respect Your Elders" was notable as the first diss track of its kind within the Smash scene. The lyrics became extremely popular within the community, and Leffen even performed the rap in June 2015 with Hungrybox, Armada, and Crunch. [27] Due to its originality and high level of production, the diss track is often regarded as the golden standard of competitive Smash-related content creation.[28] "Respect Your Elders" has over 1.7 million views on YouTube as of November 2021, and has inspired dozens of remixes and mashups.[29] The money match gave Chillin greater exposure and following within the Smash scene, and inspired him to continue his focus on musical production; he released many other diss tracks over the following years, including "Nice Shot Hugo" against HugS[30] and "I Rest My Case" against Mike Haze.[31]. Chillin often performed his raps live at events such as Super Smash Con.[32][33] Following the release of "Respect Your Elders," other players, including Mike Haze,[34] ChuDat,[35] Wobbles,[36] and Duck,[37] began writing diss tracks of their own, often as Twitch subscriber rewards or campaigns to earn votes for Smash Summit events.

At Super Smash Con 2016, Chillin performed "Respect Your Elders" with Mike Haze in front of a large audience. He changed the last lines of the rap to "Vanilla Fox don't suit you, but I guess that's cool- Department of Immigration 5-0'ed you."[38] This was a reference to Leffen's visa problems which prevented him from competing in American tournaments for much of 2015 to 2016.

In July 2018, Chillin streamed himself watching his set vs. Leffen for the first time ever. He jokingly edited the ending of game 2 to make it look like he won; in the actual set, Chillin missed a game-ending up smash on Leffen after hitting him with a dash attack; he replaced this with footage of a clip where he connected the up smash, thus ending the game in his favor.[39]

On August 5th, 2018, after Leffen's victory at EVO 2018, Chillin tweeted, "Leffen confirmed no longer has to show his elders some respect," a reference to a line in the diss track: "Until you win a major show your elders some respect."[40]

On August 19th, 2018, at Heir 5, Leffen and Chillin faced off for the first time since the money match at Apex 2015. After Leffen cleanly defeated Chillin the first two games, Chillin switched to Samus, a reference to the lines in "Respect Your Elders" where he mocked Leffen for losing to Plup. Chillin ultimately lost game 3 as well, losing the set and bringing Leffen's record vs. him to 8-0.

On June 10th, 2022, it was revealed that Chillin had recently suffered a stroke inside his home due to heart complications.[41] This announcement would be greeted to an overwhelming amount of support from the community, with hundreds of thousands of dollars being donated to a GoFundMe fundraiser dedicated to Chillin which was created by his brother. While this news unfolded, Leffen was competing in Battle of BC 4, where on June 11th, he tweeted the link to Chillin's GoFundMe page, as well as adding that he would not be using Fox's default color for the rest of the tournament, stating to "put some Respect on my Elders."[42]


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