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Character info
Melee mains Fox, Falco
Other Melee character Yoshi
Brawl mains Falco, Meta Knight
Smash 4 main Greninja
Other Smash 4 characters Palutena, Cloud
Ultimate main Palutena
Other Ultimate characters Fox, Lucina
Team info
Crew(s) Twitch
Former crews Team Apex, Deadly Alliance
Personal and other info
Real name D'Ron Maingrette
Birth date (age 38)
Location Los Angeles, California United States

D1 or xD1x is a former commentator from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Santa Monica, California. He was one of competitive Smash's most well known commentators, particularly for Super Smash Bros. Melee; his former static commentating partner was Prog. Though not a particularly successful player, he notably upset PC Chris in pools at Apex 2010 and made his only bracket appearance at a super-major.

Both D1 and Prog were selected to commentate in the Super Smash Bros. Invitational, an event hosted by Nintendo at E3 2014, along with Scar. Their participation was revealed in the form of SSB4 newcomer-style images. While assisting with Smash Bros. related community duties, he and The Crimson Blur were hired in February 2015 at Twitch as Strategic Partnerships Program Managers to further grow the community with the company's resources.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
MLG Orlando 2006 August 26th-27th, 2006 25th
MLG New York Playoffs 2006 October 13th-14th, 2006 129th
TSA Biweeklies February 3rd, 2007 3rd 5th Mud
Cataclysm 3 March 3rd-4th, 2007 33rd 9th Phillybilly
New York Weeklies April 20th, 2007 9th 3rd Ronald
Memorial Day Smash April 28th, 2007 4th 3rd DJ Nintendo
New York Weeklies May 11th, 2007 5th 4th Jman
SMASHTALITY 3 June 2nd-3rd, 2007 17th 7th Hazz
Killa Fleet NYC Biweekly June 9th, 2007 13th ? ?
Killa Fleet Biweekly July 6th, 2007 5th Reno
NYC Weekly July 13th, 2007 7th 9th Reno
NYC Weekly July 20th, 2007 9th
Bum's Weekly August 13th, 2007 3rd Starzoneedge
NYC Weekly August 18th, 2007 13th ? ?
NYC Smash Event August 26th, 2007 7th 1st Hax
NYC Smash Event September 9th, 2007 5th ? ?
Zenith 2007 September 29th, 2007 5th
Fight Club 3/17 March 17th, 2008 5th 9th Ronald
Revival of Melee 2 November 21st-22nd, 2009 17th Reno
Apex 2010 August 6th-8th, 2010 33rd
Pound V February 19th-21st, 2011 49th Boxman X
Civil War 4 April 28th-29th, 2012 9th
Zenith 2012 May 26th-27th, 2012 13th Crismas
Apex 2013 January 11th-13th, 2013 193rd
Justice 2 September 21st, 2013 13th 5th Revelations
Bar Wars October 26th, 2013 9th
Smash Brothers University 2.0 November 10th, 2013 13th
Do You Fox Wit It? November 15th-16th, 2014 17th Xzax
Monday Night Melee 22 March 30th, 2015 4th
Smash Haven 33 February 19th, 2016 7th
S@X 143 March 30th, 2016 17th
Smash Factor 6 August 4th-6th, 2017 25th

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
NYC Smash Weeklies 4-4-08 April 8th, 2008 17th
Critical Hit 3 July 5th, 2008 13th 7th Ron
S.W.R Event IV July 26th, 2008 2nd 1st NinjaLink
Smash the Shore August 2nd, 2008 2nd 2nd NinjaLink
BX Weekly November 14th, 2008 5th 3rd NinjaLink
Blue Battle Circuit #6 December 20th, 2008 9th
S.W.R Event V January 3rd, 2009 9th
Road To Viridian City January 31st, 2009 17th
G.I.M.P.E.D 1 February 21st, 2009 13th
Road To Viridian City 2 March 7th, 2009 4th
PolyBrawl 2 April 11th, 2009 17th
Apex 2009 May 9th-10th, 2009 49th 49th Ron
EVO 2009 July 17th-19th, 2009 25th 13th ?
S.N.E.S. August 21st-23rd, 2009 33rd 33rd Doo Wop
Pound 4 January 16th-18th, 2010 49th 25th VaNz
MLG Orlando 2010 April 16th-18th, 2010 49th
MLG DC 2010 October 15th-17th, 2010 129th
Concentrate II October 30th, 2011 17th Xivk

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
S@X 65 October 7th, 2014 13th

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Smash Haven 33 February 19th, 2016 3rd
S@X 143 March 29th, 2016 33rd
Mega Smash Mondays 50 May 16th, 2016 33rd
Smash Factor 5 July 29th-31st, 2016 319th

Project M[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Smash Brothers University 2.0 November 10th, 2013 7th 5th The Moon
Beast Mode Weekly March 12th, 2014 4th

Sexual misconduct allegations and ban[edit]

On July 2nd, 2020, amidst a wave of sexual harassment allegations in the community, a girl named Kaitlyn, going by the Twitter handle KTDominate, posted in a Twitlonger that D1 had raped her while she was drunk during Smash the Record 2016 and told all of his friends about the experience [1]. Hours later, D1 would release a response apologizing to KTDominate but stating that both of them were drunk and that he had no recollection of the events while denying that he had told anyone about the experience [2]. However, MVD, who helped mediate the situation, posted a screenshot of a DM between him and D1 showing that D1 had knowledge of what had taken place[3]. ESAM, who was also involved in mediation, later shared his account of the situation, which conflicted with D1's story. [4]. Another story from former player Daycia described D1 as overly touchy and flirtatious, as well as hostile after she ignored his advances.[5] Following this, the 2GGaming panel banned D1 from all of their future events, alongside several others accused of sexual misconduct during this time.[6]

Over a year later, on July 15th, 2021, D1 released a statement via Medium, as well as a video version on YouTube, to address the allegations against him, aiming to provide full context for each situation with evidence and chatlogs; it also contained an open letter to KTDominate, with him saying that he understood her frustrations with him for not stepping up for her amidst her ridicule from the community even if it involved spreading false information about him. The statement opens with him saying that, though he found the claims against him to be false, he admitted that his behavior was poor and neglectful, particularly for enabling underaged drinking. D1 cited testimony from a security guard and the desk clerk working at their hotel at the time that KTDominate left on her own accord and declared that she could make her own decisions, though neither of them had knowledge of what occurred in their hotel room; he reiterated that he woke up not recalling what occurred and called up the cleanup crew to take care of his room, while he did not return to the venue until the evening. During this, his room, which was on the ground floor, was open as several players and the hotel staff traversing the floor would have seen it wide open. D1 concluded that these circumstances led to rumors being spread until they evolved into allegations of misconduct. D1 further explained that, since he still did not know KTDominate that well, he chose to discuss the matter with MVD, whom accompanied her to the party. MVD assured D1 that he was not spreading rumors but were discussing the matter with ESAM, while ESAM would later explain to him that MVD was still upset with how D1 handled the situation. Fearing the consequences of further miscommunication, D1 chose to apologize directly to Kaitlyn, but only later reasoned that she found his apology insufficient because he was apologizing for potentially sleeping with her instead of failing to quell the rumors about their encounter.

D1 then addressed Daycia's story, as well as that of an anonymous woman. He denied forcing Daycia into anything, and posted chatlogs between them as evidence of her making advances on him; he also noted that Daycia claimed to not be interested in a relationship, and in her chats with him she openly proposed the idea to him. He also stated that the fight they had at Paragon Los Angeles was because of her insistence to share a room with him, with him saying he was against the idea, but regardless reached out to her immediately to clear the air and help her with any content creation troubles she was having. In regards to the anonymous account, D1 posted chatlogs showing he was against sharing drinks once he was aware of her age, denying that he mistreated her, but admitted that he should have retracted the invitation completely instead. He concluded the statement admitting his irresponsibility and hoped to come back stronger and more mature.

The day after this statement was posted, a woman going by the Twitter handle Seshy posted a Twitlonger going into detail about her dealings with D1; according to her, she felt it was unnecessary to post her story during the initial wave of allegations and only did so as a response to the possibility of D1 returning to the scene.[7] In her story, as she accompanied him on his Lyft ride while he was drunk, he repeatedly tried to make out with her, even after she told him she already had a partner. Seshy and D1 would eventually argue over the events of that night, before D1 admitted his wrongdoings and apologized, which she accepted. Although their friendship remained somewhat tense in the years afterward, it never escalated until the fallout in 2020, during which she was upset to learn of the other stories about D1, while also expressing disappointment that D1 never reached out to her during the time period.

Although D1 has yet to publicly address Seshy's claims, he posted another update video on September 17th, 2021, reiterating his remorse over how he handled each situation, while extending an invitation for others to have one-on-one conversations with him about any grievances people might have with him.[8]


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