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Deadly Alliance (DA) is a professional Super Smash Brothers team founded by Wes in 2002. In 2005, Wes met with Isiah "TriForce" Johnson (CEO and founder of Empire Arcadia) at Neutral Grounds in Manhattan. Wes agreed to have DA represent Empire Arcadia as the official Smash Bros. competitive gaming division. The initial DA group consisted of Wes, HellFire, Kamaal (aka Rock Man), and KillaOR. Initially, the members of DA dedicated themselves to solo maining a single character, that way they would not require training against other people. Centered primarily in New York, the group was known for pioneering the meta games of certain characters such as Link, Samus, Luigi, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco, and Peach. This helped establish certain techniques like Samus's super wavedash and pivoting, also known as the DA Dash. Representing Empire Arcadia, Deadly Alliance has won a number of competitions which were eventually documented and certified by Guinness World Record via Twitter and Facebook, naming Empire Arcadia as the most documented tournament winning team in competitive gaming. Several members of DA created a non-profit community service organization called SOS Gamers.