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Giga Bowser Bomb glitch

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The Giga Bowser Bomb glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that occurs when Giga Bowser does his Bowser Bomb on a triangular area. There must be a ramp in either direction (the stairs are not needed.) Below the ramp needs to be a gap with blocks at the bottom horizontally leveled with the lowest set of stairs. The gap must not have an opening. Above the ramp must be blocks horizontally leveled with the highest set of stairs so that Giga Bowser does not go past the stairs or slides down the stairs.

Characters performable with[edit]

Stages performable on[edit]

How to perform[edit]

The player should position Giga Bowser so that his left leg is between the middle and bottom set of stairs, and then perform the Bowser Bomb. The player should see Giga Bowser's falling animation as he is frozen. When the Final Smash ends, Bowser will become trapped.