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Event 34: All-Star Battle Melee

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This article is about Brawl's version of All-Star Battle Melee. For Smash Wii U's version, see All-Star Battle: Melee.
For other similarly named event matches, see All-Star Battle (disambiguation).
Single Event 34
All-Star Battle Melee
Official description It's the eight challengers from Melee! What's different between then and now?
Character(s) used Choose (2 stock)
Opponent(s) Bowser (1 stock)
Peach (1 stock)
Zelda (1 stock)
Ice Climbers (1 stock)
Marth (1 stock)
Mr. Game & Watch (1 stock)
Falco (1 stock)
Ganondorf (1 stock)
Stage(s) Pokémon Stadium
Music Menu (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
Availability Unlockable

All-Star Battle Melee (オールスター戦DX, All-Star Match Deluxe) is the 34th solo event match out of a total of 41 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The player gets to choose who to play as and is put against the eight fighters who debuted in Melee and returned in Brawl. There is a short delay when an opponent is KO'd. The player can use this time to KO the other opponent to avoid having to fight 2-on-1.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オールスター戦DX All-Star Match Deluxe
South Korea Korean 올스타전 DX All-Star Game DX