Co-Op Event 8: All MINE!

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Co-Op Event 8
Official description Money! Money makes the world go 'round! Gather 2,000 coins and eat something good!
Character(s) used Wario (1P) (1 stock)
Bowser (2P) (1 stock)
Opponent(s) Mario (infinite stock)
Luigi (infinite stock)
Stage(s) Skyworld
Music WarioWare, Inc. Medley
Availability Starter

All MINE! (ぜーんぶオレさまのもの, Everything is Mine) is the 8th co-op event match out of a total of 21 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is a Coin match, in which the player is Wario, and the second player is Bowser. The two players must work together to collect 2,000 coins together (coins from Mario and Luigi; their two opponents). If either player loses the coins, the event will end in a failure.


  • The song used for this event is WarioWare, Inc. Medley, which is otherwise unavailable on Skyworld, though it appropriately matches the theme of the event.
  • This co-op event is similar to Event 19: Wario Bros. as the player (P1) controls Wario and their opponents are Mario and Luigi, except the second player (P2) is Bowser, the event is a coin match, and the stage is Skyworld instead of Mario Bros..