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Event 5: Become the Champion!

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Single Event 5
Become the Champion!
Official description The final Pokémon-tournament challenge. Do your Pokémon match up?!
Character(s) used Pokémon Trainer (3 stocks)
Opponent(s) Pokémon Trainer (3 stocks)
Stage(s) Pokémon Stadium 2
Music Wild Pokémon Battle! (Ruby / Sapphire)
Availability Starter

Become the Champion! (めざせ!チャンピオン, Be the Champion!) is the 5th solo event match out of a total of 41 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In this, the player plays as Pokémon Trainer and must defeat another Pokémon Trainer in a 3 stock battle to become the "Pokémon Champion". The opponent rarely changes Pokémon, and a different Pokémon will respawn each time the opponent is KO'd. If one of the Player's Pokémon gets KO'd, it cannot be used again.


  • Likely because Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon each cannot be used more than once when KO'd, this is the one of the two events in Brawl where the player and the opponent have three stocks. The other is Co-Op Event 2: Master the Pokémon Tag Battle (which is a co-op variant of this solo event).