Event 27: Three-Beast Carnage

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Single Event 27
Three-Beast Carnage
Official description Three beasts are in the tyrant's town! Facing them is a lone figure...R.O.B.
Character(s) used R.O.B. (tiny, 1 stock)
Opponent(s) Giant Bowser (1 stock)
Giant DK (1 stock)
Giant Charizard (1 stock)
Stage(s) New Pork City
Music Porky's Theme
Availability Unlockable

Three-Beast Carnage (三大怪獣、大暴れ, Three Giant Monsters on a Rampage) is the 27th solo event match out of a total of 41 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. As a tiny R.O.B., the player must fight Giant Bowser, Giant Donkey Kong, and Giant Charizard on New Pork City. Despite the aforementioned characters being giant-sized, they actually take way more knockback than how much they would normally sustain for their sizes, though the knockback they inflict remains on par. Giant Bowser, Giant Donkey Kong, and Giant Charizard can attack each other, and this is typically a safer way to complete this event match.


  • As with the Go! Triple Finish! event, the respective Pokémon Trainer is absent from the background in this event. Therefore, as Giant Charizard has no Pokémon Trainer, Pokémon Change is never used.
  • This event likely makes reference to Super Smash Bros. Melee's Event 25: Gargantuans, as the player is pitted against giant characters in a city-related stage. Both events also happen in EarthBound/Mother stages. However, there are three differences; Tiny Mario and Tiny Peach are absent, the player in this event is R.O.B and not Giant Bowser, and the song in the stage (New Pork City) is a song from EarthBound/Mother universe which normally plays on the stage.
  • On Classic Mode in Ultimate, all three opponents (although they appear by their default sizes) are fought individually in Mario & King K. Rool's Classic Mode routes each.
    • Yoshi, Jigglypuff, Marth, Bayonetta, and Hero are the only characters who fight at least one out of all three opponents in their giant forms.
      • Yoshi fights Giant Bowser for his penultimate battle before the Bonus Game and Rathalos.
      • Jigglypuff (whose Classic Mode is a reference to 1P Game from the original Super Smash Bros.) fights Giant Donkey Kong for its final round instead of Master Hand.
      • Marth fights Giant Charizard for his first round of Classic Mode, while Bayonetta & Hero both fight an alternate costume Giant Charizard for their 4th and final round respectively. (Although Hero fights a Giant Charizard upon defeating Male Robin)
  • As with Melee's Event 25, the appearance of Giant Bowser, Giant Donkey Kong, and Giant Charizard as giants in New Pork City is a reference to the "monster" movies featuring giant creatures destroying major cities, such as the video game Rampage. Specifically, Giant DK, Giant Bowser, and Giant Charizard can be seen as references to Godzilla (Giant Bowser), King Kong (Giant DK), and Gorgo (Giant Charizard) from the 1962 movie King Kong vs. Godzilla respectively.