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Event 19: Wario Bros.

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Single Event 19
Wario Bros.
Official description I came to find the Mario Bros.' roots. What's this giant stage?
Character(s) used Wario (2 stock)
Opponent(s) Mario (2 stock)
Luigi (2 stock)
Stage(s) Mario Bros.
Music Famicom Medley
Availability Unlockable
For Reward Mario Bros.

Wario Bros. (ワリオブラザーズ, Wario Brothers) is the 19th solo event match out of a total of 41 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Wario must KO Mario and Luigi, who each have two lives, at the same time on the Mario Bros. stage. Clearing this event unlocks the stage Mario Bros.


  • This event match resembles a microgame in the first WarioWare game with the same name.