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Co-Op Event 17: Sonic and Mario

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Co-op Event 17
Sonic and Mario
Official description No problem! It's nothing at all! Only a race can decide the true victors!
Character(s) used Sonic (1P) (2 stocks)
Mario (2P) (2 stocks)
Opponent(s) 3 Sonics (1 stock each)
3 Marios (1 stock each)
Stage(s) Green Hill Zone
Music Sonic Heroes
Availability Unlockable

Sonic and Mario (ソニックとマリオ, Sonic and Mario) is the 17th co-op event match out of a total of 21 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Player 1 controls Sonic while Player 2 controls Mario. The goal of this event is to defeat the three Marios and three Sonics on the Green Hill Zone stage. The foes will appear in alternating order, starting with Sonic.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ソニックとマリオ Sonic and Mario
South Korea Korean 소닉과 마리오 Sonic and Mario


  • The name and description of this event match imply that this event alludes to Mario & Sonic (series), the first official Mario and Sonic crossover.
  • This is the only co-op event where one of the players is the same character from a previous co-op event match; Mario. In this co-op event, P2 is Mario and P1 is Sonic.
  • This co-op event is the co-op variant of the solo event Event 30: Sonic Boom, since both events have Sonic for an assigned character, the opponent character (as a Multi-Man scenario) focuses with Sonic (though in the co-op event, three opponents are Sonic and the other three are Mario), and both of these two events take place on the same stage (Green Hill Zone).