Captain Falcon (SSB)/Down special

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Hitbox of the move when used on the ground.
Hitbox of the move when used in the air.

Captain Falcon does a sliding kick forward a considerable distance, with his foot surrounded by flames; known as the Falcon Kick. If used on a platform and the move's duration still hasn't ended after Falcon goes off the edge, he will continue to move straight forward. If the move is started in midair, Falcon will rush downward at a diagonal angle. The move does 15% damage and pretty decent horizontal knockback. It's not a reliable KO move, though it can edgeguard opponents, and there are a few ways to combo into it, such as with a forward aerial. He moves a considerable distance down when using it in midair, though, so it can only really be used reliably on opponents recovering high. This means it can be used to counter juggling, however, from characters such as Fox. Due to the move sending Falcon a good horizontal distance when used while grounded, it can easily be used to traverse aerial platforms on stages such as Kongo Jungle and Hyrule Castle.

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  • This move can be used to perform a glitch, which will cause it to "bounce" when used close to any edge while facing the opposite direction of it. The only way to achieve this position is by rolling towards a solid platform's edge, which appears to register a character as both on and (exceptionally slightly) off of said platform. This explains why the wall collision animation plays instead of normal aerial or grounded travel, as well as why certain other attacks (Kirby's Inhale, for instance) push the user off the ledge after jumping (with no horizontal controller input) from that spot.

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