Captain Falcon (SSB)/Forward smash

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The hitbox of Captain Falcon's f-smash.

Captain Falcon does a flaming kick forward. It has high KO power and great range, and not much lag. However, it can't be considered a fast KO move. This move is one of Captain Falcon's best options on the ground, and it can be somewhat used for spacing due to its huge reach (which makes it arguably Captain Falcon's best KO move that can be used from a considerable distance). It slightly resembles the Falcon Kick (his down special) in that it is a kick attack with a flame effect, but the two moves are still very different. Overall, the move shouldn't be used too much (if it is, it can be predictable and punishable), and it lacks combo ability, but its range and power make it a good option for Captain Falcon on the ground at KO percentages, and it is also a decent way to punish when available, being able to cover many defensive options and mistakes made during combos. Lastly, when angled down it is a popular way to gimp low-recovering opponents.

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