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Hitboxes of Captain Falcon's back aerial.

Captain Falcon throws a backfist behind him, dealing 16% damage and reasonable knockback. It is the strongest back aerial in the game. A fairly safe move to use, considering its large disjoint. It is useful for edgeguarding and can space well. While it has somewhat high landing lag under normal circumstances, this issue can easily be avoided via Z-cancelling. It is also very useful in combos at low to moderate percentages, being able to lead into another back aerial (a wall of pain variation), a reverse back aerial, or a down aerial (for a variation of the Ken Combo) at low to moderate percentages. A down aerial used on a grounded opponent can also combo into a back aerial at percentages around 140%, which is usually enough to KO. The move can also be used during soft platform landings and drops to mix up Falcon's aerial game on stages such as Dream Land.

When Captain Falcon hits an opponent with this move in the NTSC version of Smash 64, it produces a hard "Ping!" cartoon sound, while his other aerials produces a regular cartoon sound.

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